I think the greatest impact that The Warrior Commission (TWC) Training has had in my life, is drawing me into a deeper relationship with the Trinity.  Recently I began to experience aspects of each person in the Godhead in a very real and personal way.  These experiences and encounters helped me to understand their identities and purpose.  Through this, I’m understanding more about Who they want to be for me and who I can be in them.  It has encouraged and empowered me to stand in the midst of challenging circumstances, because I know they are with me and for me.  I’m discovering more about my Identity in Christ, along with the inheritance, authority, promises and destiny that comes along with that.

Once while praying, I saw a vision of the Lion of Judah.  He was standing up high on a high rock, over a valley and roaring very loudly.  I could literally hear His roar and feel the vibrations of it.  I began to ask Holy Spirit questions about this, like we’ve been trained to do in The Warrior Commission.  I had a sense that this vision was about Jesus.  He was making His Presence known, putting the enemy on notice and declaring the battle belongs to Him.  Through this encounter, I experienced Jesus more deeply as my Champion and King.  The one who fights for me and reigns over me. It has given me confidence to know that Jesus is the One who fought and already won the battle!  He goes before me and is with me.

I remember another time I was working on my training and God said to me, “You are my Beloved.”  (This was not new to me, as we learn early on in our Warrior Commission training that we are God’s Beloved.)  But this was an experience of hearing God speak this directly over me.  When I heard that, it touched my heart in such a deep and profound way.   It felt so good to hear Him declare that over me.  Early the next morning, I asked Holy Spirit questions about that encounter.  His answer came in a form of a vision to explain what He wanted me to know.  It was a wonderful experience of watching a little child playing with God in the water.  I could hear the child laughing, giggling and squealing (so loud) in shear delight!  There was such Joy, Peace and Love they were experiencing, having fun together.  And I could feel it all.  It so connected me with the Father’s Heart in such a real way, and showed me what a loving, kind and tender Father God was; while displaying what a relationship with Him was meant to be like.

Then there was an encounter I had about the Holy Spirit.  It was during a time of worship and I had a vision of a sailboat in the ocean.  It was just sitting there with no wind in its sails.  Then all of a sudden I could feel and hear the wind coming across my back, and saw it fill the sails.  Immediately the boat began to sail away.  I heard Holy Spirit say, “Harness the Wind of the Spirit.”   I remember being moved to tell Holy Spirit, “I don’t ever want to move unless the Wind of Your Spirit moves me.”   I have enjoyed a sweet relationship with the Holy Spirit.  He has been my best friend, teacher, coach, encourager, comforter, etc.  We have developed a great partnership… He leads and I follow.  But since that experience, I feel even a greater desire to surrender and be in sync with His every move.

Through these three encounters, I have discovered more about who God is, who I am and what He has for me.  It has set me free to flow more freely in my relationship with Him and to be more intentional in my responses to His leading.  It has given me a higher perspective of God’s Heart and His Kind Intentions for me, and others; while transforming me to be more like Him.  It has also expanded my heart to love and see others like God does.

Warrior Commission Member,
Connie Jennings

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