I have been a part of The Warrior Commission since it began in 2011. Little did I know at that time, this would be my life line in days ahead, as I journey though some difficult days with my family. God provided the tools I needed to navigate the path I found myself on and to find purpose in the crisis I found myself right in the middle of.

I was studying the Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior when my husband of 30 years was diagnosed with a rare cancer at age 52.

The Warrior Commission developed the qualities God had already put inside of me that I did not even know existed. Learning to develop my inner man, who I really was, in the middle of the trial in my life, kept me steady as the waves of life washed over me.

I discovered who God wanted to be for me when things did not work out as I planned.

The things that I gleaned in from my journey in, kept me steady, peaceful, encouraged, and strengthened as I walked through the world of cancer, grief, and finding new life.

Graham states in his book, Qualities of A Spiritual Warrior,

“A spiritual warrior is essentially peaceful, untroubled and calm. That place of calm and tranquility is the source of internal power and anointing that causes God’s people to overcome.”

I practiced the things I was learning. I discovered that I had a God given right to walk in peace and found the presence of God in the chemo lab, funeral home, and as a young widow.

This ccommunitty taught me how to establish peace, walk in peace and give peace to those around me. I am a life that has been changed by The Warrior Commission and am forever grateful.

Kathleen Maxwell-Rambie
Warrior Commission Member