The joy and confidence of learning to live as the Beloved of God has come to life for me as a member of TWC. It began with Graham’s message, “Living on a Higher Place”. In the teaching, Graham uses a metaphor about mountain climbing to draw the listener into the adventure of becoming everything God has destined us to be. The lessons on the art of mountain climbing I learned through this brilliant teaching are lessons that I will use over and over again in my life even if I never set foot on a mountain. In it, Graham shares that learning to climb the highest mountain is a process. Without proper training there is little hope of a successful climb. So it is becoming a warrior in the Kingdom of God.

As I listened over and over again, God began to open my heart to the secret dreams I’ve had of climbing deeper into His heart. I’ve been following Graham’s teachings for over 20 years but this was different. I began to see a new lifestyle unfold before me instead of the joy-filled, yet isolated, moments with God I had become accustomed to. “Living on a Higher Place” was God’s invitation to me to become a warrior with TWC.

I’ve been a part of TWC for just under a year and this community has become a family to me. I am comfortable to be myself as we grow and learn together. It’s a place to practice Graham’s teachings and share stories of how those teachings come to life in our everyday journey with Papa God. Resting in God’s great love for me has become my greatest weapon against the voice inside that often told me I was crazy to think God had more for me. Resting in this truth is no longer just a here and there experience for me. It’s become a foundation that I now live and grow out of.

Learning and living the Ways of the Warrior is who God has called me to be. He placed me in TWC to process that brilliant idea! TWC has been the most consistently productive piece of my story with God. But don’t take my word for it. Make your own discovery:

Fauna Long
Warrior Commission Member

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