My journey with The Warrior Commission took me to a place of seeing myself as God’s Beloved. That how my story started, my first identity was becoming the Beloved, knowing that I am His special treasure and how He sees me.  He loves me just like He loves His son Jesus.  That is amazing and so reassuring to me.  God was opening my eyes and giving me a new lens to see myself and others the way He sees them. He gave me a new perspective and new lens. A “Pink lens,” He called it.

I was so thrilled with learning, and then applying all I was learning to my life. I felt like a child in a toy store and Papa said pick out whatever you want.  Like a child I said I want it all!  Papa smiled at me and said you can have it all.

I was so excited; jumping up and down, running from one thing to another. I was so surprised that He said I could have it all.  That blew my mind because we would probably say, “Take one or two things; we have to leave some for the other children.”  Papa didn’t say that.

That was the beginning of my Champion training.  Papa saying, “You can have it all,” but I was at the bottom of the mountain looking up.  I was at base camp, not knowing what to expect or even if I qualified for the journey. I kept looking up this mountain and this mountain was the mountain of my life.  How was the divorce going to work out, my finances while going thru it, my career, and even my health?  You heard the saying take God out of the box, God was telling me not to put him in the box because He’s bigger than the box.

He took that pink cute lens and gave me blue ones to change my lens from impossibilities to possibilities and my dreams into reality.  It opened the door for me to dream again and to dream in fullness. It gave me the endurance and confidence to move forward and believe God.  The one word that carried me each step of the way was GRIT; the mental strength and diligence of spirit to press on in prolonged adverse conditions no matter the cost maintaining core purpose and moral qualities!  Grit kept me focus in the direction and goals as I was working through a divorce, changing careers, managing finances, and improving my quality of health.  I had to look beyond where I was to where Papa was taking me.

What was so amazing is that during my climb up this mountain there was stragglers along the way. People who needed encouragement, that have been brokenhearted, fighting addictions etc.  I had the strength and the love to lift them up as Papa was lifting me up.

I am still climbing this mountain but with a new perspective, zeal for life and the ability to dream and know that those dreams will come into a reality. There has been set backs, delays and stumbling but I have never let go of Papa’s hand or the vision He has placed before me.  I’ve learned to love the journey.

Sharon Agbauduta
Warrior Commission Member

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