When I first applied for The Warrior Commission,  I was on the baby end of Christianity.  I bounced from church to church, trying to find the right fit. I was looking for a church with grace, love, freedom and personal growth as a focus. I connected to the church I attend now,  because it aligns with my heart. This church is a huge supporter of Graham Cooke’ s teachings.  

I received my first word from the Lord while I was waiting to be accepted into The Warrior Commission.  The word was this: “Don’t let your heart be heavy. I am with you, in you, and around you. For I know the plans I have for you and they are for success. Trust and believe….

This revelation was huge for me, because I was still new to Christianity.  I had never read the Bible in its entirety and honestly I didn’t even know the names of the chapters/books within the Bible.  I knew the stories in general, but never the specifics.  I knew who God was, but I didn’t really know Him on a relational level.

Soaking in “Becoming the Beloved,” by Graham Cooke opened my heart. It was like scales fell from my eyes of my heart . It really touched my soul when Graham his perspective of God’s heart.

“When I look at you, I do not see anything wrong or negative about you. I took everything that could ever be leveled against you: every accusation, every sin, even the smallest amount of sin, and I placed it on Christ end nailed it to a tree.”

And “ There is no struggle for righteousness. You are dead to self. Dead people do not struggle. You are alive to Me, learning to abide in Me. Your only struggle is to rest in all the I am with in you.”

The training and aligning of myself with God as His beloved daughter has radically changed and saved my life.  My relationship with God has become like a father and daughter walking on a journey together.  It’s beautiful and majestic. I am overcoming circumstances with the mindset of a warrior and I know what my destiny is, my determined purpose and the purpose God created me for and to fulfill. I have seen God’s great love and majesty at such a level now, it moves me everyday. I am in awe just to spend time with the Father.  

I have found my true identity and I could not have discovered this revelation and relationship and freedom without The Warrior Commission. Honestly, the training in TWC have changed me and given me a wonderful new life. TWC has been a life changer experience. I am loving the process of the training and yearning to reach more advancement with the training and the wonderful warrior community that you get to align with in The Warrior Commission.

Chevy Walton
Warrior Commission Member
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