Have you ever prayed for something so earnestly, that upon receiving it from Papa, you ran out of your house with such an enthusiasm to share or tell someone about it, that you forgot your pants? No? Well, I did, but thankfully being that it was April in Canada, the cool morning breeze quickly averted a neighbourhood disaster and redirected me inside.

Papa and the Holy Spirit on the other hand, couldn’t talk for a few minutes, as they joyfully replayed my enthusiastic departure. As I dressed myself properly for the day, Jesus quietly said: “A belt would be a wonderful accoutrement to those pants.” What’s true in the natural is true in the spirit, and as I have been learning recently, no word spoken by the Trinity lacks meaning or intention.

Ephesians 6:14 says: “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…,” and I realized that Jesus had just invited me to dig deeper. I had received an upgrade from Papa, but – much like my near misadventure out the door that morning – I was missing something. Why had Papa answered my prayer now? Why did He choose this day to bestow on me what I had prayed to receive?

Nothing received from God is unintentional, accidental, or a mistake. God is fully intentional towards us all the time, just as He had been that morning with me. Thankfully, as I sat there sipping my coffee (yes, belt and pants on), two great questions came to mind to dig deeper with Jesus: “What does this mean?” and “What must I do?” I needed to dig into the truth, His Truth concerning what He had given me. I wanted to find out, not so much “why now”, but what His answered prayer really meant. I wanted to fully understand His belt of Truth on the matter.

One of the phrases Papa shared in this unpacking was: “My deeper is higher, My higher is deeper”. It’s a beautiful paradox that has been a joy to explore. When I go deeper with Him: exploring, unpacking and learning to understand all He has placed in something; it allows me to climb higher in my circumstances. Going deeper with Papa puts me under pressure – like exploring the ocean deep – and everything that is brittle and not of Him is literally crushed off of me in the process. Once refined under that pressure with Him, it allows me to be more resilient when climbing at high altitude because I’m not carrying a bunch of unnecessary things to weigh me down.

Asking those “two great questions” gets us actively engaged in exploration with the Father. If He never gives us things without intention, then every gift we receive from Him comes with an invitation to dig deeper and explore and understand all He is intending for us in that gift. It’s an opportunity to grow in relationship with Him. Take it!

Ask, and keep on asking, Warriors. Be blessed.

Kern Pegg
Warrior Commission Member

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