Have you ever spent time in a place you feel a oneness with God? A place where you feel peace and rest. Where you’re in the world, yet all you sense is Jesus? And then the Holy Spirit ‘nudges’ you by asking, “Did you know there’s more if you change your perspective?”

Your discomfort rises as you reply, ”I like where I’m at. I love what I’m seeing. You’re peace is in me. I feel your presence here.” And then I realize that I was moving the dialogue to a one-way conversation.

The Holy Spirit smiled and said,

“You’ll always have me wherever you go. Trust me.”

As I’m moving through a time of awakening to the fullness and abundance of learning who God says I am, my perspectives of him, me, and the world around me are radically changing. The catalyst for this is letting go of control and truly trusting in who he is.

You see, there was a way of surviving I learned for a certain time, but now it is time to live fully in Christ. To thrive is let the old die so the new can grow. To be okay with not knowing the outcome because it’s about the journey. It’s about trusting the process simply because of who God is.

At the shoreline, I was gazing out at the ocean. Watching the rhythm of the waves, the curl of the lip as it would crash down near me. There was a peace in seeing the water; in hearing the waves break upon the shore.

Then the Holy Spirit said, “Look down. Change your perspective.” Whoa! I couldn’t tell where the waves were breaking. I didn’t know if the water was about to knock me over. My perceptions were shifting. The water was appearing in a different form. He wanted me to experience seeing differently because I trusted who he is.

Michelle Bell
Warrior Commission Member

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