What if we aren’t supposed to reach the top of the mountain? What if everything we need it’s at the center? In the heart of the mountain?

If our spirit is complete, lacking nothing, then our souls long for what our spirit already is. The things I’m challenged by, simply point to the person I already am in the Spirit. Everything is connected, flowing in an endless sea of love.  Like the ocean’s waves are all connected in continuous motion of ebbs and flows. Each wave connected to the next. 

I get to a place sometimes where I don’t know where Jesus begins, and I end. It’s the most exciting, exuberant place I can ever be. When His thoughts overtake mine and my heart becomes a pool of liquid light, waves billowing outward, reaching towards His face. 

The earth is a living breathing creation and longs for us to partner with it. Not that we should worship creation but the creator of all, together with the glory of creation. I’ve always noticed the beauty of nature. Beauty so deep and enchanting like in ribbons flowing through sunlit leaves. I could somehow feel my own heart alive with light and hope as I watch the colors dancing. In a sunset sky, I can see the dreams I have deep inside whispering to my innermost self.  “Let the skies sing for joy! Let the earth join in the chorus.Let oceans thunder and fields echo this ecstatic praiseuntil every swaying tree of every forest joins in,lifting up their songs of joyous praise to him!” Psalm 96 11-12 TPT

What I’ve learned in my training is to not only painfully endure my circumstances, but to experience the fullness of joy of His presence all along the way. Taking the time to embrace what I’m feeling and allow the Lord to heal my brokenness in that place. Being with Him and experiencing the great exchange of His beauty for my ashes is the joy I’ve found. It is the essence of worshipping in Spirit and Truth. 

Jesus is our ever-present help in times of trouble and He encompasses our past and future as well. He is endless like the seeming ocean shore. When climbing the mountains in training and trials of life, we come to place where our hearts can either cave to the pain or submit everything we are to the one who holds the sea. We get to trade all our negativity and lack, for everything Jesus is. It is within the heart of the mountain that transformation occurs. We let go of layers of self-deception and doubt and make way for a glorious exchange of truth that changes facts. When we completely surrender to Jesus in the vulnerable place of humility in our hearts, He catapults us to the top of the mountain. From there we proclaim His goodness and majesty in a way that sends shockwaves across the land, creating a space for others to join into the beautiful exchange. 

Natalie Timmerman – Warrior Commission Member