“Promises are realized by a people whose awareness of God is greater than their natural vision. Spiritual Warriors stand out in a crisis because they have insight into God’s Name and nature.”       -Graham Cooke: The Way of the Warrior

The ability to see the hand of God at work in difficult circumstances is a vital part of learning how to be a warrior in Christ. There is a story in 2 Kings 6 that is a constant encouragement to me to look beyond my circumstances and see what God sees. In this chapter, Elisha’s servant awakes to find they are surrounded by an army. The servant, panicked and dismayed, asks Elisha what they are going to do? In response, Elisha prayed, and the Lord opened the servant’s eyes to see the army of angels that far outnumbered the enemy.

Imagine the emotional turn-around that servant went through in a matter of moments? From panic and despair to peace and confidence!

There is a look on the face of God in these moments that I love to experience. There is a mischievous grin and a twinkle in His eye that makes me want to bust out laughing. In those moments, God has shared with me a secret that transforms my prowling enemy into an episode of the three stooges; and I can’t wait to watch him bonk himself over the head under the majesty of God.

I was blessed to experience this in a time of extended illness. I had learned through The Warrior Commission to ask God who He wanted to be to be in any circumstance. When I first started to get sick, I went right to asking and listening. What I heard was this: “At the end of this, you will no longer be recognizable to yourself.”

This left me with two great promises:

1) There was going to be an end to this illness.
2) I was going to be completely transformed by this experience!

Knowing this was God’s plan gave me unshakable peace over the next 2 1/2 years; often unable to walk, speak, bath, or dress myself. I cannot tell you the number of times doctors and nurses exclaimed “How can you be so calm!”

Instead of just wanting to be rescued from my circumstance, I found myself looking forward to all the amazing things God had for me instead.

This past September, on an ordinary day alone in my room, having an ordinary chat with God, He quietly spoke His healing over my body. He completely healed me. I’ve discovered a new level of peace, courage, and trust that has brought me to a place of stepping out in things that God has placed on my heart.  An abundance of new adventures await!

God was not the author of my illness, but He was the author of my healing. What I gained in the process is my vengeance against the enemy for his plan that failed.

Are you facing overwhelming circumstances? Do situations leave you panicked or discouraged? Ask God to open your eyes that you may see. Look to God’s mischievous grin. Let Him whisper His secret plans in your ear and let that twinkle in His eye be reflected in yours.

Stacey Beebe
Member of the Warrior Commission