In The Warrior Commission, we are called to be “…a thorn in evil’s side, just as a spiritual warrior should be.”  To “…see beyond the natural into a realm of the spirit where God lives.” (From Graham’s book: “Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior” Chapter 5 – Seeing Beyond the Natural Realm.)

If your story is anything like mine, at some point in your renewed walk with God, He pointed out a spiritual battle you had won. Reviewing where you’ve overcome adds new layers of victory that radiate to other parts of your life.  You took ground and you’re learning to hold it.  Welcome to life as a warrior.

Fast forward a few weeks or months or years. If you look back, you will probably see where that initial victory led to other victorieswhere expansions of healing, territory, and overcoming occurred in your life.  God loves to build our development like a puzzle.  We don’t see it all at once, but He has the box top, and we can trust Him to put together an amazing mosaic in our lives.

As we gain more practice in overcoming and holding the internal territory we have taken, we become more quickly aware of disturbances in our territory, allowing us to partner with the Holy Spirit and hold that ground more effectively.

However, we can also begin to perceive elements of similar circumstances in the lives of others around us.  If we are not careful, this awareness can sometimes manifest as: “Hey, I know exactly how to fix you!  Hold still while I inject you with my really big shot of deliverance!” Trust me, this method is not effective, nor welcomed by the general public.

No matter how well meaning you are, you can’t force your victory on someone else.

Re-read Hebrews 11 and take a look at the many examples of spiritual warriors who got free, and then led others to victory in their own lives simply by being relentlessly bold in showing up as the man or woman God called them to be.  Notice, there were no large needles involved; no handcuffs or tying up and dragging people behind them.

Warriors lead from their identities – they carry an ever-overflowing abundance of Heaven’s love in that area of victory in their lives.  They funnel it like a river of living water and simply let it saturate the ground and people around them. We just get to show up in the full, radiant glory of our heavenly identities, and BE who God calls us to be.

So how will you choose to show up in the lives of your friends?  Will you be a sharp needle or a funnel of life giving Truth?

The only thorn we want to be is the one in the enemy’s side, not our friends.  See beyond the natural realm of trying to fix others and let your life be a saturating flood of Truth.

Kern Pegg
Warrior Commission Member