Every day we are inundated with images and messages that tell us we’re not good enough, we’re different, and because of our differences, we don’t have value.  The world loves to tell us we are “less than”, while Heaven’s chorus sings a different song, we are “more than.”  As we learn to explore and develop our own identities – aligning our thinking and hearts to how God sees us – we have to equally learn to set aside our “less than” mindsets.  We have to recognize that our job is not to conform, but to boldly live and radiate the unique person that God created us to be.

How we see ourselves is our responsibility, our territory to establish and protect.  We have to move from believing how God sees us, into knowing that our heavenly identities are who we truly are.  It takes time, practice and encouragement.  It’s not an overnight experience, but it’s also not something we have to do alone.

Finding like-minded friends, family and believers to share with them the identities we are looking to establish, can take us from a place of just “believing” into a place where we are encouraged and upgraded until we “know”.  This takes intentional engagement and a little trust.  We have to be willing to share – even with just one person – and invite them to partner with us as an encourager.  With a little prayer and trust in the process, the Holy Spirit will bring us into contact with others who will partner in calling us higher.

We are all unique; each one of us brings something different to the world.  Some of us may be similar, but we are not the same.  Even two people equally gifted with the same identity are not identical.  Each will have a different way they communicate, a different history of life experiences that made them who they are, a different way of expressing, sharing and encouraging others.  Our uniqueness is what makes our impact so wonderful and abundant and demonstrates how we all have a place and purpose in the Kingdom.

When God created us, it was with purpose, intention and abundant plans for our good.  God has a beautiful place in mind for you, with people whom you will compliment and whose growth you will encourage and grow from.  There are days when trusting His process and timing will be a challenge – maybe longer than just days – but remember God’s timing is perfect. Stay committed to pursuing what you are learning to be true: He made you to be unique, different, and gloriously abundant.  The world needs you, and we want you to pursue and become the person of Heaven as God sees you.

So be square, be a round peg, be a tetrahedron – pursue a mindset that aligns your thinking to God’s, and strap on those rocket engines and just go!

Say yes to the adventure.

1 Cor 12:17-18 (The Message)

If the body was all eye, how could it hear? If all ear, how could it smell? As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.

Kern Pegg
Warrior Commission Member

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