In the Warrior Commission we make contributions in prayer. It is part of how we function. However, this functionality is deeply rooted and overflows from our relationship with Father.  We are what we think about (Proverbs 23:7a). Our thought life, the spirit of our mind, is part of our inner territory.  

We want to come into contact with His thoughts and His ways in prayer. Our thoughts not only affect our behavior, our thoughts influence our prayers. Taking more inner territory in His empowering love expands heaven on earth.  

In the Warrior Commission we seek to pray from the mind of Christ, from the Father’s heart, from the comfort of the Holy Spirit for people. Shedding negativity and discovering Father’s possibilities in prayer are not hollow philosophies or worldly tenants (Colossians 2:8). We are actively abandoning religious mindsets; ways of thinking about self, others, and circumstances that draw us into suspicion and assuming worst-case scenarios. A negative religious mindset often struggles with unconditional love and its expression. 

The tender heart in all of us can be prone to anxiety. There’s so much we can  be troubled and worried about in the world today.

When we predetermine lovely thoughts we are taking more inner territory. 

During a journaling time in His Presence heartfully write out phrases or words that respond to challenging situations. Find the instead. Seek to know the beauty for ashes, comfort for mourning, the way of escape for temptations. Our heart will respond to scriptures we feed on during our times of predetermination. We turn away from anxiety, worry, and negativity to our Father’s heart for help. 

We may not always get what we ask for, but Father promises us peace (Philippians 4:6). When we live life in peace we are able to construct patterns of thinking that are like Father’s. 

At first we must deliberately tell ourselves what to think. We have to think loudly. In our inner dialogue we speak to ourselves, our soul, directly. For example, tell yourself “I identify that thought as a lie”  or “Bless him for trying to help me but, that’s his value with his time, not mine” or “Don’t be hasty with a response in this conversation and just actively listen”. 

After a time of predetermination you can think clearly, act clearly, and be a force for life. It is active thinking not passive. As we build a discipline to find a noble thought for an initial negative situation we can begin to crowd out thoughts that are not life giving (Philippians 4:8). 

Our mind becomes crowded with an abundance of thoughts about the goodness of God. Allowing Christ’s words to dwell richly within our thinking permeates our character and our gifts with His ideas for problem solving and kingdom advancement. Let our prayers be baptized into Father’s love. We can pray motivated by His peace-loving demeanor, be submissive to the authority of our Father, and desire the lives of those we pray for be flooded with mercy (James 3:17). We can pray praiseworthy themes for a circumstance. We search for the truth for others. Write decrees with purity and admirable outcomes for people. Our prayers are overflowing with excellent proclamations. 

As we predetermine to think about these things we are flowing in the mind of Christ. As we practice thinking like this the mind of Christ grows, blossoms, and takes root in our hearts, we can write and speak out beautiful, gracious intercession and pray throughout the day in communion with Him.

Go ahead and take this inner territory and experience praying in harmony with His desire for others. He is  waiting for us to take the plunge.

Warrior Commission Member,
Julie George

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