When I was little I had a recurring dream. When I was afraid in my dreams, I would run so fast that I began to climb an invisible staircase and feel a rush of safety and excitement at the same time. Last summer I was given a copy of Song of Songs, Divine Romance, The Passion Translation. When I read the line, “It was I who took you and hid you up high in the secret stairway of the sky,” Song of Songs 2:14, I was immediately led back to my childhood dreams.

I was in awe. “God, you have been with me the whole time.” This was a defining moment for me. A tangible experience that proved Jesus has always been my keeper. Moments like these have become a common experience in my life, and work to capture my heart with the wonder and majesty of who He is.

Through my training in TWC, I have discovered that God is so incredibly faithful, kind and intentional it’s usually too good to be true. There were times I would start to feel nervous about what God is up to and really drained by my circumstances, yet He never ceased to amaze me with His goodness. Through my trials I held onto His promise to work all things together for my good. His faithfulness is unceasing.

I never need to go looking for Him because wherever I am, there He is, waiting to give Himself to me. It’s what He died for. It was the joy set before Him as He endured the cross. When I am faced with uncertainty and anxious thoughts about the giants in front of me, I have a choice; I can become overwhelmed by my circumstances or I can run up to my secret place in the sky and let Jesus captivate my heart and thoughts.

“Intimacy engages with God where He rules in Heaven. It is the joyful discipline of a resurrected lifestyle.” – Graham Cooke, Manifesting Your Spirit

Graham’s teachings have really opened me up to experience Jesus in a way that is truly astounding. The encounters that I’ve had leave me looking towards my future wide eyed in wonder. It is the intimacy with God that propels me to be transformed into His image. I am continually upgrading my worship in different ways.

Worship doesn’t always look like music and praise. It can be simple things like engaging Him in thanksgiving through my daily routine, practicing the fruit of the spirit to disarm conflict or choosing humility in moments of disturbance using a simple quick prayer, “God your will not mine.” My life becomes a living, breathing act of worship.

Every challenging circumstance becomes a chance to take hold of the nature of Christ, and be truly transformed. Through practicing the art of abiding, the truth becomes evident, fear is dismantled and I become enthralled by the majesty dwelling on the inside of me.

Natalie Timmerman
Warrior Commission Member

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