I have been part of the Warrior Commission for just over 3 years now. One of the most important things I have learned and experienced is how to read and engage with the Bible. No longer boring, dry and distant. I experience Scripture as alive and extremely relevant to me, today. 

All Scripture is God breathed… Sometimes we intellectualize Scripture so much that we miss the fact that the Truth is a person. The Truth is a person who breathes through Scripture, continuously inviting us into a conversation with Him. 

We tend to read something obscure and try to intellectualize it because we don’t understand. We don’t understand and we so we try to explain it logically, “reasonably”. 

Or we put it in the box as being part of the Mystery of God. So mysterious in fact, that we somehow convince ourselves that He cannot be known. 

God wants to be known. He wants us to be intimately acquainted with the wonders of His person. Our human brains cannot fathom or understand, but our spirits are literally dying to know. There are a trillion things we cannot explain or reason out upon the earth. That is a trillion chances to start a conversation with the Lord of it all. 

Scripture has intimate, every day application for each of us. It was never a list of rules. It was always a book of wonder, relationships, majesty, opportunities, victories and learning, meant to be read and engaged with God. With Him, sitting on His lap, asking questions, letting Him know your opinion, hearing His responses. There are principles of Kingdom Truth in Scripture are designed to set us Free in this life to enjoy all things, even as we live on earth. 

Here is the exciting part. When you hear or read Scripture, stop to see the invitation into conversation that it is. You have a Scripture verse or passage you most especially love? A Scripture that you’ve held on to your whole walk with Jesus? That, my friend, is a whole deep pool of revelation waiting to be dived into. Even if you think you know what it all means, go beyond what you think you know into God’s limitlessness. Ask Him questions about it. Ask Him why He has highlighted particular Scriptures to you in the first place. Ask Him what He was thinking when He wrote a particular verse. You could ask Him for His view on different people throughout the Bible- what did He see in them, why them? 

Most importantly, ask Him how He wishes to get personal with you through that Scripture. 

The Truth is a person, His name in Jesus and He is longing to be known fully, just as He knows you. 

Linda Smallbones

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