“We know that God allows in His wisdom what He can easily prevent by His power.”  I’ve heard this quote spoken by Graham Cooke and have recited it myself when faced with hard situations.

Many times we go through something difficult and wonder where God is and why He has allowed this to happen. When I’ve asked Him questions like that, I usually don’t get an answer. But, I have discovered in my walk with Him, it’s not about questioning, “Why?” It’s not about ignoring or reacting to the problem. It’s a relational issue with the Father. It’s about going through this circumstance with Him and discovering who He wants to be for me. These experiences reveal His loving, kind and faithful nature. They deepen my relationship and dependency on Him, while building faith and trust.

My question turns from “Why?” to, “Jesus, who do You want to be for me, in this circumstance?” This creates intrigue and excitement because I get to go on a treasure hunt looking for Jesus. Together with the Holy Spirit, we get to uncover the promise, provision and possibility ahead. The Holy Spirit is brilliant at leading, teaching and working things out, if I let Him. He’s actually become my best friend!

I went through something really hard a few years ago. A church leader was accusing me of something I didn’t do. And then questioned my motives for something God had told me to do. I was devastated, confused and very hurt. Didn’t that leader know my heart and understand how God spoke to me? Unfortunately, I let what happened emotionally and spiritually paralyze me for three days. Finally, I asked Jesus, “Who do you want to be for me in this?”

I woke up at 3:00am the next morning and saw the word “DEFENDER.” I can’t begin to describe the peace and joy that filled my heart. In my excitement, I looked up the word “defender” in the dictionary. Even thought I knew what it meant, the meaning and the description of it brought greater insight.

Definition of DEFENDER: “Someone who protects against attack, or who believes in and supports a person.” Also, “a champion; an advocate; a vindicator”

WOW… I didn’t have to explain or defend myself anymore. I now know and understand that if God calls me to do something, it is His job to be my DEFENDER!   Jesus is my Protector, Champion, Advocate and Vindicator! As time went on, it was clear that God had defended me and everyone around discovered the real truth.

As Graham says, “God had allowed in His wisdom, what He could have prevented in His power.” I am grateful for what I went through with that leader. I appreciate the Father’s love and wisdom as we journeyed through this together. That process made me rich because it created a new level of faith and boldness, which impacted who I have become.

Connie Jennings
Member of The Warrior Commission