Wilderness seasons are times of hiddenness and preparation. This can be challenging on many levels. One of the hardest things to accept is that this is usually a time when we are hidden. Not much seems to be happening on the surface. This time is when God gives us a grace of being Under the Radar. 

Being under the radar is a precious time. When we are living there, we sometimes get focused more on what is not happening than what is. We want to step into those promises God’s given us. We want to see the signs, wonders and miracles of being actively engaged in whatever our commission is. 

Being under the radar is a precious time of preparation and relationship building with God. The roots are going deeper and our hiddenness is a blessing. 

Another way to think about being under the radar is that we are being covered by the wings of God. He has us in a time of protection. We are not visible to the enemy. God covers us with His own armor as we are growing and preparing until the time when we are ready to face the battle in better alignment with Him. 

Being under the radar is a time when we can grow very close to God. We purify in His presence and we learn how to rest, and remain, in Him.

Christine Casten

For more on the value of being Under the Radar go to our Youtube channel: Warrior Commission Now! And hear a conversation about this topic between me and Kathy Brown. https://youtu.be/LdE2Kk0MuJ4