It’s Thursday afternoon and I am packing up to go home.  For the last time.  After many years at this workplace.

I think about my first day, walking through the front door and saying to Father: I know I am supposed to be here, I have no idea why, give me SOMETHING.  Then nothing.

So, I did what I thought would shift the atmosphere in the office.  I decided to see what I could do to make the atmosphere change.  I did my work with excellence.  I organized lunchtime prayer meetings and prayed diligently.  I put my bible on my desk.  I left Christian books in the shared library.  I positioned for opportunities to talk about faith.  I even crafted a prophetic word for the workplace and carried it about for four months, waiting for an opportunity to give it to the CEO.

I smile as I remember that awkward moment. “I have a word I believe is from God for the organization.”  The CEO glanced towards the door ever so imperceptibly.  “What church do you attend again?”  he asked warily.  To his credit, he took it and read it. After a while it felt like moving through thick sand. I started to give up.

One day as I arrived at work, I realized my perspective saw the enemy as a huge presence in my office. I was not sure how to fight that influence.

It was about this time that I read these words from Graham Cooke, as I started to work through level 1 of my Warrior Commission training:  Warriors change atmospheres.  They inflame passion by the way they live their own lives.  What you are in your own destiny you exhibit quite naturally.  Warriors are unconscious models of a kingdom that is far above all principalities and powers. 

Father whispered: Know who you really are and you will usher in the Kingdom in this place.  So over the following months I pressed in to embrace the Kingdom identity that Father was revealing to me.

One day, Father prompted me to consider how I felt about the influence of the enemy there. At first I still saw it as a huge, insurmountable obstacle.  “Look again,” He said.  To my surprise, it had shrunk. “It is simply a shadow magnified by your perception of yourself.  If you feel small, it looks huge.  So how are you perceiving yourself now?!”  He chortled.

Over following weeks, I realized my confidence in who I am in Jesus had shifted the atmosphere around me.  His Kingdom had displaced the power and influence I thought the enemy held there.

As I walk to my car, I think about my current role in senior leadership through a time of whirlwind change.  This time, Father had downloaded a specific strategy based on Philippians 2:  Live in harmony.  Wear your organizational hat at all times.  Leverage people’s strengths and focus on drawing out potential.  Be like Jesus; He knew who He was, laid it aside, completed His assignment and actually got bigger.

I am grieved about leaving.  Are you sure it’s time to go Father?  Yes daughter.  This assignment is finished.  Well done.  I have new plans for you.

Tanya Fletcher
Member of the Warrior Commission