Who We Are as Warriors

Equipping, Encouraging, Empowering

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At The Warrior Commission we encourage, equip and empower believers using Jesus’s model of disciple making (Bible) to develop the intimacy with God needed to bring heaven to earth and model His unconditional love to this world. Our Warrior training, mentoring and community build up believers into the fullness of their identity to become bridges between heaven and earth, releasing freedom in Christ wherever they go and with whomever they meet!

What is the Warrior Commission?

TWC is a commission into a global community of believers who pray and train together to fully activate our identity in Christ. As Warriors we learn how to build our lives on the God dreams and the Father’s heart for us that points us to our Kingdom Destiny. We explore all the possibilities found in His promises in the pursuit of joy filled wholeness!  Our goal is to become Jesus’s Kingdom Influencers that have learned how to passionately follow Him, come to Him and stay in Him as we release His love to the world around us.

For those that engage in our Warrior Development Process, we like to ask questions that encourage them in their relationship with God and others: “How can we encourage you?” “How can we help you discover or expand your identity in Jesus?” “What can we offer to help you discover your identity? Deepen your relationship with God? Develop your intercession? And/or walk in your authority and promises?”

What The Warrior Commission Offers
Together on the road that leads to life!”

Training, Mentoring, Community  

Matthew 7:13- 14  “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it. NIV

Our TWC offerings include training, mentoring and community through on-line connection. These three build up believers to become passionate pursuers of God who walk into the fullness of their identity in Christ. The result? They can become bridges from heaven that release freedom in Christ wherever they go and with whomever they meet!

Together we will explore all the possibilities found in God’s promises in the pursuit of joy-filled wholeness! 

Join the Warrior Commission, find your Commission as a Warrior: one who champions the cause of Christ and influences the world for Jesus in the way he always intended us to! 

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