Forum – General Use Guidelines

Forum Guidelines for YOU TO SHARE YOUR VOICE!

TWC Website Forum Groups are an incredible place to connect and celebrate all God is doing.
The simplest way to know if something is “a go” to post consider: Does this post share to how God is transforming me through my TWC training? Does it celebrate how I am growing and facing transitions in my life?
Basically, our Forum Guidelines help us focus on bragging on God and celebrate your transitions, mindset shifts and how you are becoming a stronger, focused Kingdom Warrior. For this reason, we ask you refrain from posting quotes/messages, etc. from well known people on the website pages – Our Forum is not about what someone ELSE has to say. It’s about getting to know YOU and what God is doing in your heart and life we want to celebrate! 
Note: Each time you create a post on the Forum, a notification email is sent out to those who receive “real time” notifications. We love for you to share your thoughts, but encourage you to consider creating no more than one or two new posts a day. 

However, full freedom to respond to as many posts as you are able to as that encourages the person posting and sends them a notification that you have posted (if they are set up for real time notifications). Responding to a post does not generate an email to the whole group
– Member responses related to TWC training (see Training Tab)
What are you discovering? What is God doing? How is He moving? Feel free to share!
– Share short stories of ways you are turning your training into a lifestyle? 4-6 sentences max appreciated
– Ask questions that spark dialogue in our TWC community
– Share your Identity Statements & Inheritance Scriptures
How did you receive them? What limitless possibilities do they open up for you?
– TWC wide and TWC local gatherings – pictures and updates
– Thoughts, discoveries and breakthroughs from Training Calls
– Your discoveries from our website library and/or training videos from coaches and veteran members
– What is sparking deeper connection with God?
– Thoughts from our public blog posts, quotes or questions.
– Welcoming New Members
– Impact Prayers from our Blueprints
-Link to a worship song
– Feel free to encourage, edify and positively pour into our Warriors
– How God is moving in an instead in your life
– Pictures should have a short story, evidence of transformation or something tied to God’s heart moving in your TWC experience
– messages, sermons, quotes, blogs or video links*
– political statements or inflammatory comments
– advertisements, news articles, etc.
– promoting your own personal ministry, blogs, pages, books or videos without submitting it for approval*
– unless you know a member well, and get permission first, please do not solicit, advertise or request member involvement in personal projects
– requests for personal funding, gofundme, or solicitations for financial support for any person or cause
– problem focused posts – stay in Chair 1, heavenly perspective and focus on what God is doing instead

If a post needs to be removed for any reason, we will contact you and let you know. We will give you grace for the learning process, but will remove access to the group after three removed posts in a 6 month timeframe. We are a family that encourages, equips and empowers – negative talk, anger or frustration about any other member or leader within, our outside of, TWC will not be tolerated. In addition, our member information is private and we do not give permission to share or sell emails, phone numbers or personal information of our membership to third parties.

*If you would like to post something of this nature, submit what you would like to share along with your thoughts on how it relates to how God is moving in your life and/or your TWC training.  Send the full article, link etc. to for permission to post.
Notifications are automatically set to real time. This means that for every group you are able to access, you will receive notifications each time someone posts. If you choose to decrease the frequency, you may need to proactively check your groups to make sure you do not miss posts regarding upcoming calls or group discussions.You do have the option to change the frequency or stop all notifications. 
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PERMISSION GRANTED: By posting on the TWC Forum pages, you give permission to have your post included in any TWC materials, training, publications, media, social media and promotions. Our Forum Guidelines are here to help you focus in sharing your journey and story which can encourage many others. We typically only grab a sentence or two from Warrior Chat. We respect your privacy and want a safe place to share, so do not share deeply personal personal stories without your permission.
YOU ARE WELCOME TO MAKE FRIENDS & CONNECT OUTSIDE OF OUR OFFICIAL EVENTS, however, use wisdom.  The Warrior Commission is not liable for meetings of members. Any direct connection to other Warriors are up to the discretion of each member. 
In addition, we could use your help in supporting our social media pages. What you bring to the conversations really makes a difference!

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