Blueprint Impact Prayers 2020 Outreach

In this time, God created a new strategy for His divine assignments for our Blueprint Outreach 2020. Some of the Blueprint Outreach 2020 included an opportunity to create Blueprints for ministers in specific countries. Because these Blueprints focused on encouraging those “boots on the ground” into the identity for their nation, we also discovered God’s strategies for each nation. In all, we created 6 Blueprints for those countries listed below, but we also created 3 additional Blueprint Outreach 2020 projects, including TWC’s Now and Beyond Blueprint.

To explore an Advanced Training Module using this Blueprint specifically created for our TWC Warriors and learn how to better unpack and steward prophetic words, click here.

Thailand, Japan, China, Cambodia, Guatemala and Myanmar –
We felt the main focus had to do with the Key Territory of Abiding. We created a separate Blueprint for those in each country and these are in the process of being translated. Each Blueprint came from the place of Abiding in Christ and in Father’s Heart so they could discover their identities, promises, and provisions. In addition, we sought God’s perspective on the identity of each nation and what He had on hand for those who are living there at this time.

TBN – This couple leads a local church and is also focused on developing an apostolic training center for the region. Their passion to help the homeless and those in need is a passion they hope to bring into greater fruition in the coming seasons.

HBC – This couple is in transition from how they have approached ministry in the past to how God wants them to adjust in this New Era. They are finding their voice and position in this time and are preparing the body of Christ for how to navigate what this new move of God brings.

Thailand Impact Prayer

Thank You, God, for creating Thailand as a land that reveals Your Father’s heart. You promise to never leave us or forsake us. You also delight in who we are. In truth, nothing we do, or do not do, will separate us from Your love. You honor the Thai people and we honor You. 

Take us in the way we should go, opening doors and closing them as You direct our path. In truth, we enjoy the simplicity found in holding Your hand and in partnering with You because all aspects of our lives come from a place of refreshing and joy.

Provided that deep abiding pulls us closer to Your heart, we accept Your invitation to know Your majesty in new ways. Our alignment with You also unlocks the courage, strength and vigor You pour into us on a daily basis. Being one in You has awakened us to a new level of wisdom. We are empowered, as well as full of faith for Your promises to be fulfilled.

We align with Your heart. This alignment helps us discover a treasure chest full of blessings and provision for our journey. At times we have felt like our lives have been poured out for You and we have nothing left to give. You are teaching us the mindsets and lifestyle of a marathon runner, rather than the mindset of a sprinter. You build our endurance and character so we can enjoy the long term heritage You have given our people. 

Given that Your joy is a powerful weapon in our lives, rejoicing connects us together. In addition, it restores our sense of belonging. You love us for who we are in You. We worship You as well as Thank You, Father, that we belong in You. We do not have to earn Your love because it is freely given. In fact, we delight in the freedom to only do what we see You do, knowing our actions flow from our intimate connection with You. For this purpose, the flow of our work in ministry is joyfully completed in Your timing, we rely on You to grow Your body of believers in Thailand. 

We thank You for Your healing breath in our lives. You release the spirit of Elijah so we can speak to dry bones and see them come alive. In the smile of our Father, we step out with boldness, knowing more are with us than we can visibly see. You release the heavenly host on our behalf, as well as make a way to unite generations. In reality, all of heaven helps us rapidly recover hope for unexpected favor for the revelatory anointing You are giving us. 

We position ourselves in Your anointing of peace. No matter what adversity may be around us, Your love for us never fails. You redeem the time and nothing is lost. As we learn to find our rest in You, You will refresh us. The busyness of the day gives way to an increasing trust and faith in You as we wait on You to put our priorities in Your order. Thank You, Father, for loving us so completely. Amen

Japan Impact Prayer

Thank You, Father God, for Your smile over the people of Japan. In fact, You look on us with great delight. Because we embrace You as the Father of Joy, You continually pour into us. We have captured Your heart, Jesus, and You undeniably gaze upon us with great love. No sooner than You break open this generational inheritance of joy over the people of Japan, all will know you as the One True God. Above all, Your catalyst of joy causes the hearts of Your people to expand. As soon as we align with Your heart, we will experience and know the ever present contentment of Your great pleasure over us. This joyful revelation light obviously shines into and through our hearts! 

God, You are Japan’s Patriarch and Father of Blessing. Young and old inhale Your inheritance of joy to establish Your heart in us. We crave more of You. We are all part of Your Kingdom family. As the Japanese body of believers, our friendship and honor of one another empowers us to unite. You have planted everything wonderful in each of us and in all generations.

As one, we come into Your presence with worship, bowing our knees, our body, soul, and spirit to You. Worship draws our hearts together in one accord as we reach out to exalt You, love and adore You. As we worship and remain in You, breakthrough, deliverance and unity come. We embrace Your promise to see a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in our land, setting people free and opening our hearts to our unique design. 

Even while our unified diversity in You is cultivating something brand new in our nation, we enter into something we have never known. Even now it is sprouting. In Truth, we commit to the time it takes to see it grow and mature. We unquestionably accept Your gifts of courage, strength and faith needed to see this new thing established, . You make a way in the wilderness. Surely, You open up flowing streams in the desert. You also establish our freedom to laugh on every battleground, knowing You have already won. We cry out to You and stand our identity as well as declare the tide of the battle turns and joy overflows. 

As young and old, we steep ourselves in Your mercy and grace, knowing what You deposited in all generations is needed to establish this new thing. Lord, You multiply Your presence in our nation through the youth and give us overwhelming joy. We rejoice in Your presence, expecting You will bring in a great harvest.

Father, we honor what You are doing in all generations. Since we are Your sons and daughters, we commit to partnering with all generations for discipleship and growth. As fathers and mothers, we commit to reach, disciple and empower our sons and daughters in You. We declare what You are doing through our sons and daughters turns the tide toward revival in youth throughout the world. 

We continually embrace the invitation You give us through this Prayer of Impact. With this in mind,we rest in Your presence as You pour out courage and joy into us. We step into this new generational unity, together. Your delightful grace and peace cascade over us. As we align with Your heart and take on more of the Mind of Christ each day, we receive the courage needed to change and transform. You make all things new, Lord and You bring greater measure of joy and delight to Your people in Japan!


Father, thank You for awakening China to You, our First Love. We align our hearts and fix our eyes and ears on Jesus as we partner with Your original design for China.  

We declare we see China as You created her to be: a land and a people of promise. You allow the seed of hope You planted to sprout and grow in strength. You restore us to this inheritance of faith. We decree China is a bright country set on a hill. You are showing us a new path by which others will be able to come into Your Kingdom.

Like Joshua’s preparation at Jericho, You firmly establish our confidence in You. You are a God who makes the impossible possible. We align ourselves with the Captain of the angel armies to be on Your side. In this place we develop a profuse, dynamic, and explosive relationship with You. Through our prayers and worship, we follow Your way and trust Your timing. You order our steps. We know that with You, God, walls fall and every negative stronghold is overcome.

We humble ourselves, just like Solomon, and request the wisdom of Jesus and Holy Spirit in our lives. Strengthen our discernment and teach us how to listen closely to You. Open our eyes and ears to follow Your directions precisely as we do what we see You do and say what we hear You say. 

We are hidden in Your heart and we delight in Your favor as Your beloved children.  

In our place of hiddenness, our freedom expands because we know

You see us and You hear us,
In fact, You know us and You are for us. 
Because You are a good Father, give us these requests. 

As the One in whom we trust, You are our Father, our shield, guard, our strength and deliverer. You call us to rise up in splendor, radiant, for Your light has dawned and Your glory now streams from us. Like Paul, our hearts and minds are at peace in all situations. We declare deeper trust to see Your favor and blessings, and the desires of our hearts fulfilled, as You release fresh opportunities to build Your church community – our family.

We declare that You are turning every heart to Your righteousness and wisdom and that You will prevail in China. You are opening eyes and ears and those who listen will arise with life.  We declare we dwell in this secret place of the Most High God, 

As we partner with You, we receive Your strength, courage, endurance, wisdom, patience and freedom. Our hearts and minds are at peace and resting in every battle or adversity. Your peace subdues our enemies and Your favor surrounds us.

We are ready for more!

Cambodia Impact Prayer

We call all of Cambodia into full connection with God’s original plan. As a people united in our alignment with God’s light, our bold Kingdom voices release God’s goodness and glory. 

As a powerful kingdom refiner in our partnership with God, we release the winds of heaven to prepare and cleanse the spiritual atmosphere of our country and the countries around us. We release the purity of God’s love that counters any cloud of darkness or lies.

We commit to gathering together to wait upon the Lord for a unified action plan for our nation. Our prayer and worship will open us up to God’s divine kingdom strategy as His chosen remnant. We will move together to live out His plan. As a group, we will faithfully spread the unified message of God’s goodness and light for such a time as this.

We lay the plans of men on Your alter as we humbly align under One heart and One Mind – the mind of Christ. As we link arms together with the unique personalities, gifts, and passions of the body of Christ, we dedicate ourselves to peaceful relationships that become the foundation for the next generation to build upon.  

We proclaim that any misunderstandings will fall and trust will be restored. We consistently plant the seeds of heart connection with each other through God’s compassion. Together, we will fight to stay rooted and grounded in God’s love as we carry out His divine plan for our nation. We commit to persevere as love is reawakened and continually cultivated in our people. 

With our unity, we turn mistrust and unbelief into great love and encouragement, so the next generation will wear God’s lenses of kindness, trust, forgiveness, and perfect love. Our dedication to walking in the kindness of God toward others will remove any potential barriers and release God’s generational blessings on the Abrahams, Isaacs and Jacobs of our nation. 

As God’s beloved, we empower every generation to create eternal building blocks. The building blocks allow the next generation to stand, grow strong and be deeply rooted. We declare that we will see Sampson, Moses and Joshua rise up in the people of Cambodia, strong and dedicated to the Lord. These will be revealers of His Truth as they become planters of the next seeds. 

We declare Cambodia will see a huge harvest, as You expand our horizons to share the abundance of fruit with others who are hungry. We encourage and spread the hope that the impossible is possible in Cambodia. God loves our hungry hearts and promises to give us our generational inheritance as we greatly love through our unity!  

Guatemala Impact Prayer 

We agree with God and decree that Guatemala is a spiritual epicenter in Middle America. As a gate where north and south collide, we have the divine anointing to be carriers of God’s peace.  As peace keepers we blessed to be known as children of God.  

Thank You, Father for surrounding us with a firewall of security where Your glory can be seen. We connect heart to heart with You under a canopy of celebration. You have made Guatemala our home. We are excited to press into the revelation of Your joyful plan for our land. Additionally, we are honored to carry it out in faith with Your timing and wisdom.   

You can transform anyone and we stand in the opposite spirit with You, God. As Jesus modeled, we lay down the lies of division, discord, and confusion and we accept and live out the healing, gladness, unity and ease in our relationships and identity. Our peace is worth contending for as our home is precious in the eyes of the Lord. 

God, align our hearts to You and You alone. Open our hearts to receive the waterfall of dreams, visions and prophecies You desire us to have. As Your shining, steadfast light never wavers before our people, may we be living examples of Your great love and affection, Your favor, and Your constant care. 

Our journey with you helps us stand on Your word, knowing the Truths and promises of the Bible are ours to cultivate. But also seeing the Goodness in God in the land of the living. 

Thank You that we can rest in You, soaking in Your lavish grace and relentless love. You draw us into the fullness of Your love, bringing up a healed and whole nation. We agree with You and accept our invitation to becourageous carriers of Your love. As individuals and as a country, we agree to cultivate and exercise our influential kingdom voices of peace. 

We accept our heritage in the people of this land. In due time, Empower our voice to call up our promises and our identity as a chosen people.  

We declare unhindered communication, hearts united in the spirit realm and the certainty that even when we can`t see it, You are working in our midst.

At this time and for all time, we rejoice in Your presence of peace. You fill us with the fullness of Your joy because You see us we as a chosen country that carries the peace of God.   

Myanmar Impact Prayer

We stand in our promises from God – Myanmar is a land full of rivers of living water, ready to burst forth with God’s grace. These rivers bring healing and restoration. Let the spiritual rivers of Your heart, God, be unleashed for Myanmar. 

We declare the winter season is over! Our trust in You is full. You trust us to carry Your love to everyone in this land. Your glory will be clearly seen. Together, we call forth hopefulness, connection, courage, and unity to cultivate transformation in our people and the people of other nations. 

Father, since You are our Shepherd, our Conquering King, You are faithful and true. Specifically, You are our provider, refuge and strength. You give us wisdom, favor and authority to complete Your good work.

We welcome Your refining since we lay down our resistance for change, letting go of the way we used to do things. By faith we also step into this new season with trust, hope, and confidence, filled with expectation, aligned with what you are doing. For this purpose, we are moving in your rhythm and flow; remaining humble, teachable and ready to hear.

As we step into this new season You make all things new in us. Giving us eyes to see the hidden gem, worth and high value we have in You. We will also see the diversity in our nation as a beautiful expression of God’s creative plan for Unification. In fact, we are empowered and blessed in our diversity, which gives us strength to bring breakthrough and establish heaven on earth.

Mentors and New Leaders rise up! Given that we create a safe place, we will live out grace for development, training and compassion for You. With our eyes fixed on You, Lord, we will no longer stay in hiding. You empower us to stand and rise up in our love and authority in You. 

We will put relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit above any of our works, instead, allowing what we do to flow from the refreshing of our close relationship with You. As we call out to You the atmosphere shifts, the oppressive fog is removed, the battle turns and the enemies flee. Principalities and unseen powers cannot stand. 

Positioning ourselves through Praise leads us to emphatically engage in worship and abiding. You usher us into Your presence. You to breathe newness of life within us in order to give us new hope, peace and confidence. In worship, overwhelm us with joyful discovery and happy expectation where we encounter an explosion of your love. 

TBN Impact Prayer

Lord, God, thank You for Your incredible love. Thank You that, no matter what is going on in my life, You are always with me. Surely, You bring me closer to Your heart. Take me into the place of rest You have for me: a place of fullness, refreshing and hope. Renew me and energize me in ways I never imagined. 

Lord, teach me to be a greater receiver of Your love. Give me the grace I need for myself to stop running, working hard or pressing into exhaustion: I am meant to live with You, not just work for You. 

Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light when I learn to live from the greater depths of Your heart. Teach me Your ways and allow me to exchange what I thought I knew for deeper truths You want to reveal in those places. I ask for You to expand me and enhance my understanding of Your restful love.

As I rest in You, remove any performance, wrong motivations, or false identities. Allow my passion in You to align perfectly with Your plans and purposes. Lord, remind me not to move into doing too quickly. Help me learn to savor all You are. Help my heart to pause and my mind to focus only on receiving from You, being in You and living from that overflow. 

May I know the depths of Your heart in ways I never imagined. May my rest be a weapon to the enemy. Let this be an alter stone I continually revisit in my life: a place where You completely inhabit all I am. As we deepen our intimacy at the table You lay before my enemies, may my eyes only see the beauty of Your face and may my ears only be tuned toward You. 

As I remain in this phase of abiding, I give You permission to hold me here until You are ready for me to add what comes next. I ask You to encourage me in the waiting and to help me mine all the treasure this phase brings. Grow me to know, in my heart, mind, soul, body and spirit, that time with You is the greatest treasure I could ever discover. Amen.

TBN Identity Impact Prayer 

Father God, You speak my identity over me. You know my why, the core of who I am in You. Take me through the process of this discovery and unlock the eyes of my heart to know this deeper core value in me.

Thank You for continuing to be my shelter and resting place in this time. Allow what I learned about resting in Your heart to continue into this season of my life. May my life be filled by all You are as a great receiver of Your love. Pour out the abundance of joy You have for my process of growth and what that means for our relationship.

We agree with You that we will become the tide-changers and the game changers You created us to be. We are willing to make the sacrifices necessary and have counted the cost to willingly step into the doors You open before us. But we commit to enter into those places from the deep places of resting in Your heart. Empower us in Your rest. 

Reveal our “why” so we live from the core of who You designed us to be. God, continue to develop and strengthen us in You. Once this core value is uncovered, we agree with You that all other aspects of our identity and dreams will fall into place. We will be able to take the blueprints You reveal for our commissions and activate those things with our Faithful One who is True to seeing His purposes on the earth fulfilled. 

Take us into “Your Clearing” and prepare us for what is to come. Lead us to a new, higher and majestic place. Thank You for the honor of living out the dream and vision. In reality, we accept the privilege You are entrusting us to fulfill. It is a legacy of inheritance and promise that clears God’s people of their hindrance. In effect, it allows us to climb the high places God has for them to stand in authority on the earth.  We embrace Your wisdom to carry this out and choose to remain in the place of rest, where our faith is activated and our hearts are pure and true. Amen.


Thank You, God for dancing with excitement. For this reason, we continue on our pioneering journey in this New Era. Our full alignment with You turns the cheers of heaven into a battle cry of victory in the earth. Our hearts expand with joy for the long awaited New Era has come. 

We humbly delight in bringing You great joy in remaining true to Your call for us. Together we remain steadfast, abide, and stay full of joy. We  faithfully steward our assignments and hold on to You and Your promises until they come to pass. We experience and release an atmosphere of triumphant confidence as we declare what You have established in our hearts and mouths! 

You establish us as forerunners with a sense of adventure in this uncharted land. For this purpose, as confident risk takers we jump into the unknown. Continually, help us navigating this rapidly changing world with Your divine instruction for this New Era. As a father and mother, we will also remain diligent, focused and motivated to train others to take hold of and establish this new landscape.

As we continue to abide and embrace this new adventure, You will make us and our spiritual offspring a sign and a wonder. Your light breaks forth as the dawn. Against all odds, it will be a light that spreads; it is unstoppable. People will shake their heads in disbelief at our steadfast joy and the miracles that follow us and our ministry. 

Like an Aspen firmly planted on the ridge line of a mountain range, we encounter Your blaze of glory. Although it may seem lonely at first, we hold to Your promise that others will join us as their hunger draws them up. While here, we also declare that we are receiving much needed resources, encouragement, and insight to see what’s ahead. Above all, the God who goes before us sets our future, which is without fear.

Thank You for sending us provision and insight we can share with others who are not yet prepared for this time and season. Since we will distribute these portions with Your wisdom and purpose, expand our capacity. As we operate in the sensitivity to the Spirit, we remain flexible and open to change, excited to make constant adjustments as we travel. 

As carriers of Your peace and encouraged by Your love, we declare that impossible risks become our greatest opportunities . We see Your favor expand our authority in this New Era. 

Thank you for the invitation to this adventure without limits. Flowing in Your power and authority we become more like You on this earth. We trust in Your ways. 

Your Sovereignty is our stability. To God be all the glory. Amen.