Blueprint Impact Prayers 2021 Outreach

In summary of our 2021 Outreach, God continues to move us into some fairly extensive areas of Intercession. We have now created Blueprints for Recipients to directly or indirectly impact more than 180 countries and almost all areas of influence. At this point, we continue to train more Warriors through our Intel Development Training (IDT) offered in the fall of each year.

Often we write more than one Blueprint for each Recipient. We can easily gain more Intel than one Blueprint or season can contain. In that case, we write two at once. Then, we hold the second Blueprint and walk them through the process of exploring and diving deep into the first one. When they are ready for the second, we send them that Blueprint and send the corresponding Impact Prayer to TWC through our Warrior Update. If you see a “2” next to a title, that means this is the Impact Prayer for the second Blueprint and the recipient requested it in this year.

To tap into a short video of Intercession, you can follow this link or click on the video below:

South Africa Impact Prayer – We created this prayer at the request of one of our Warriors located in South Africa. The country was experiencing massive unrest and turmoil. In the process of crafting this prayer, we pulled Intel from Warriors on the ground in South Africa and their prayer partners.

KCM 2 – This minister has completely transformed her ministry. In the process of the transition, she has experienced changes in her leadership, found ways to develop more training for her teams and individuals who are coming to their area of influence. At the same time, she continues to experience some significant health issues. The dessert season continues to this day as God does a lot of deep work, shifting and reframing.

LBA 1 and 2 – This is a ministry that quietly works in the background with people who have experienced deep trauma. Although most of what they do has to remain in confidentiality, know that they face incredible amounts of warfare due to the breakthroughs they see. Continued prayers for them are a significant help.

AWE 2 – This group continues to make strides in the area of education. With continued development of new curriculum, they are creating strong content so parents have a choice of what their children are taught and exposed to in this day and time. The have a strong national presence.


We declare that South Africa is the land of freedom, the land of light, love, joy, and peace. The future is bright and beautiful. 

Lord, You are revealing to the people of South Africa our identity as Light-Walkers in Your kingdom. May we walk in Your light: purified, forgiven, living in integrity, openness, generosity, and unity, giving honor to You and being honored by You.

Lord, thank You for Your light. Thank You for Your tenderheartedness, mercy, grace, and Your unfailing love. Thank You for Your resurrection power and deep caring for all the people of South Africa. 

As we stand in Your place of peace, we choose faith, not fear. From this place of abundance, peace will overflow to surrounding nations. We partner with You that peace would replace volatility and You would restore unity in place of division. 

Bring Your deep restoration and reconciliation for us, the people of South Africa. We are Your beloved, Your treasured possession, and our name is engraved on the palms of Your hands. We are ever before You. You will never forsake us.

You restore the hearts of fathers to their children, and You are the One who brings peace to families, tribes, and nations. We pray for an outpouring of Your love in South Africa that removes divisions and false loyalties. Exchange them with a longing and hunger to be one with You.

As we turn to You, we will align with Your ways and become so in tune with the sound of Your voice we will automatically be in tune with each other. 

We declare:
  • The provision of daily needs will no longer be swept away by injustice but will be released to the poor. 
  • As we honor You, You will honor the work of our hands, that the economy would come in line with Your plans, and that we will have productive jobs.
  • You break the chains of repeated bondage that turn victims into perpetrators. We pray that victims of injustice will be truly set free as we understand that You are good. You provide all our needs.
  • You raise those You have been training in secret to trust and obey You to positions of   influence.

Thank You, that You are the healer of broken hearts. You will restore and turn lives around. After all, You are the God of the impossible and you are the God of more than enough. You are the One with the heavenly solutions to our earthly problems. You have a way when we can see no way. Nothing is too hard for You.

Let the name of Jesus Christ be lifted high as the world sees You do the impossible in this beautiful land. Then we can sing before the world, “You have saved my soul from death and my feet from stumbling so that I can walk before the Lord bathed in His life-giving light.”  Psalm 56:4

As Your Light-Walkers we are South Africans full of reverential awe, wisdom, discernment, and humility who give freely and wholeheartedly to You and others.

KCM 2 Blueprint Impact Prayer

Thank You, God, for being our Joyful Navigator! In reality, You are the one who says when to go and when to stay. You lead with your perfect timing into dreams we cannot fulfill on our own.

As our Redeemer of time, removing the desert seasons through a release of Your heavenly rain. The provision You bring allows seeds to sprout and accelerated growth. You are the Redeemer of Time. We celebrate that nothing has been wasted or lost. We rejoice in knowing that past seeds will produce growth and be fruitful so that what You are releasing and pouring out allows the sons and daughters of God rise up.

Freedom to Reframe

With freedom to rest, we set aside time to hear and receive your direction, mission and vision. Thank You for expanding our perspective to seeing that we are creative and find big possibilities in our journey ahead.

You are adept at changing our views. With each new place we enter as we progress, You will ensure we are prepared. You will change our thought processes to reflect Yours and open our thinking to see from Your perspective in higher ways.

Thank You for pouring in patience to see Your promises fulfilled. In that time, we delight in the increased intimacy and understanding we will have of Your heart.


As You expand our territory/borders, we embark on unexpected travels. Whether moving forward into next steps or partnering with you in ready anticipation, we stay in rest. We know our innocence is restored and we are faultless and pure in You. As waters narrow and we find places to crossover, we will find joy in the transitions we experience.

Limitless Treasures

You continually revitalize and renew. We chose joy and celebrate with praise and thanksgiving to receive all the limitless treasures you have prepared for us as we increase our mission and vision of how majestic You are to individuals, groups and nations. We are a people of passion for You.


We are joyfully patient in rest as You mightily move by leaps and bounds and as You quietly move with times of stillness. We humbly trust You, Your timing and Your direction as Your plans for each person on the team and that this ministry touches.  Thank You for showing us where to step and what is next so we prepare our hearts, minds and bodies for all You will open before us.



Thank You, Father, for creating us as Your flaming torch. You empower us to restore the broken gates, returning what the enemy has stolen to others. As You fill that cavern with Your love, help us remember You created us to recognize the gap and partner with You. Father, help us rebuild the long deserted ruins as Your trusted and treasured people. We rest in You to build anew on Your foundations. Aligned together we repair cities and restore communities.   

Healing Sovereignty of God

Father, we receive Your Holy Spirit to encounter us where we are. We surrender our desire to press forward and replace it with a greater passion for rest in You. We wait and dwell a little longer in Your light as it shines into our hearts in this “spring” season – all things are becoming new. As we rest and wait in Oneness with You, we embrace the fullness of healing and preparation before our shift comes. You are our flaming torch and Your powerful, yet tender light moves through us like a fiery waterfall. Your light reveals the strategy to greater healing, freedom, and protection in You. It reignites us for our vanguard position ahead.

Rest and Abiding

We enter into an intentional time of Sabbath rest. Father, give us the courage to wait in You as Your light empowers, refreshes and realigns our thoughts with Yours. We decree this season of rest to be a time of sharper vision and increased hearing as we dream with You. Thank You, God, for taking us from “striving to press through” into “deep, expansive intimacy.” Being undone before You is the most beautiful way to bring heaven to earth. You surround us and become our secure shelter.

Healing Process matched with promises and provision

As our wrap around God, You help us choose to forgive and forgive again, knowing they do not truly know what they do. We’ve entered into Your suffering of betrayal and disappointment, but You turn our mourning to joy, our spiritual lives will flourish and we will be filled with renewed grace. As You turn all things to Your good, the gardens of our lives will be fruitful and lush, filled with the beauty and grace of Your delight, laughter and breath. 

Alignment/Agreement with God 

God, You chose us. You summoned us by name. We belong to You. Our inheritance is mercy, calmness, quietness of heart, mind and spirit. You have plans and purposes for us to enjoy. Our heritage is that no weapon formed against us will prevail. As our steps match Yours, we are protected and empowered to triumph over the schemes of the enemy. Victory will come even if its appearance or timing looks different than anticipated. We say, “Yes!” again to You.

Ps 18:27-30

LBA 2 – Promises or Future Encouragement

Thank You, Jesus, for inviting us into a partnership with You to restore and repair broken identities. We embrace Your creative insights and experience Your favor and joy in distributing them. You see our longing for more of You. Now is the time for Your more to become our normal. 

We trust You and give You permission to give us new mindsets and perspectives as You reset our expectations. Thank You for taking us into a new era where we restore the land.

Grant us the expanded authority to reclaim desolate inheritances, devastated places and revive dry bones. Breathe Your breath of life over those ruins as we partner with you to restore them to former captives who were in darkness. Together with You, we say, “Come out and be free!” 

Thank You, Father. By Your Spirit, we release heaven into the earth. You trust us to build and rebuild foundations of hope for families through You. We partner with You to restore well-being for communities.

We find fullness of joy In Your presence. Walking with You means we lay down our own might and power to be empowered and protected by You. We laugh with You as we walk hand in hand into the future because we KNOW You have us. We are Yours!

Isa. 58:12, Is 61:4, Is 49:8-9b


Father, your faithful unrelenting love overwhelms me. In your presence, I am renewed, refreshed and filled with expectation of limitless possibilities. With my eyes fixed on you, I I remain in rest and peace. I deepen in intimacy, passion and relationship with You. 

Thank You, this is a time of love, joy, new wisdom, new ways, new lenses, new freedoms, new life and fresh daily manna. 

In this season, my trust and dependence on you is deepening. I wait with patient endurance, letting go of the familiar to embrace the new. Thank you for the fresh wind that brings new hope, joy and excitement. As I align with You, it releases your peace giving me a fresh clear vision. I delight in this expanded dream full of new creative and innovative ideas, revelation and strategy for training. My heart is filled with joyful delight, praise and thanksgiving at all the new things You are doing in me and through me. 

With determination and perseverance in Your goodness and faithfulness, I will walk through every open door with child-like faith. You are the source of my strength. Empowering me with unshakable boldness, courage and confidence. I am undaunted, walking in complete trust and confidence knowing that you are with me leading me, guiding me and protecting me. 

I rejoice in your limitless possibilities and abundant blessings. My heart and mind are fixed on you as my good shepherd, protector, overcomer and bright morning star. As a carrier of the fullness of Your presence, I release Your love and fruits of the Spirit this generation and beyond. I am thankful for the new anointing, abundant harvest and fulfilled promises. In Jesus Name. AMEN!