Intel Development Training

To participate in IDT, submit an application. Dates will be announced in the Warrior Update, but typically runs mid September – through October.  

Intel Development Training (IDT) is one of our Specialty Training environments.  Through these training modules, you get to hone your skills in the area of Intel and continue to grow in your abilities to hear God, develop prophetic insights, build prophetic understanding from community submissions, interpret dreams/visions and many more.

Intercession as a training ground: Our TWC training needs a safe, yet real place to practice. We create this safe environment by randomly placing all our Warriors into smaller groupings within TWC. One to three times a year, you are invited to participate in our Intel Process. By having a group of people pray for a prayer focus, we gather the prophetic submissions from many different people (collective wisdom).  Our prophetic process is shared among our Warriors and not dependent on any one person. This gives all freedom to participate and creates a safe place to risk, try and stretch in “hearing” God’s heart.

The “Real” part of our Intel: Each time we gather Intel we take that information and develop prophetic insights Blueprints and Prayers of Impact.  We collect this information several times throughout the year for The Warrior Commission.

The majority of our Intel gathering becomes a Blueprint for various apostolic-minded leaders in any area of influence in the body of Christ. Although we are not any one individual’s official intercessors, we partner with these leaders for about 12 weeks as we develop their Blueprint.

We pray the Crafted Prayers of Impact for them, but encourage them to give what we process (with the Lord) to their personal intercession teams. We intend what we share to help the leaders and their intercessors hone their prayers into more targeted intercession. No matter which group you are in, all of our tribe has an opportunity to unify with one voice for all the crafted Prayers of Impact shared in our Warrior Updates.

What is Intel?

Intel is simply asking God to share His heart for the intercession focus and then partnering with what God’s released together as a community. The information can be detailed and/or strategic.

Why do we use the word “Intel?

Our prophetic intercession involves a collection of prophetic understanding (submitted by the assigned groups), which moves through a process of distillation and maturing. Because we choose to pray from a strategic perspective, we combine the information so we pray from a unified focus. Through this process, we are collecting prophetic “INTELligence,” information of strategic, spiritual value in the clash between two kingdoms.

What is Intel Development Training (IDT)?

Intel Development Training (IDT) is training focused on our Intel process. Participants experience numerous aspects of our unique process and get a behind the scenes understanding of how it all works. The training includes development of Intel, distillation of Intel, and dream interpretation. It is currently offered one time a year (fall).

Who can take IDT?

Those interested in participating in any of our specialty trainings in Intel need to have completed all Foundations, Stages 1-6/Level 1. This specialty training requires an application process and fills up quickly. Due to the interactive nature of this training, space is limited.  

Look for upcoming training opportunities in the Warrior Updates.

Intel Development Training Alums Share Their Experiences