Advanced Training

Growth is an ongoing process. Warriors move in and out of training. At times, we have learn more. Other seasons focus on practicing and establishing what we learned. So, after Foundations, you have a choice. You may choose Specialty Training or you may decide to dive into more focused areas of Advanced Training. These Advanced Training Modules are for you.

We set up Advanced Training Modules in a self-paced format. In fact, some are written by Warriors who share from an area of discovery or overcoming. One thing you will learn about The Warrior Commission is that we make space for many different and safe places to try new things. A couple of these trainings were initial practice grounds that became books, teachings or ministries for Warriors.

They are powerful places where someone’s Kingdom voice was shared. They empower you in your walk with God. Whether you engage with a module for training or choose to train in how to write one, you continue to build your experience of expressing God’s heart in your life.

Here are what a few of the Advanced Training Modules cover:

  • Armor of God Series – Exploring the Armor of God through the lenses of territories of prayer.
  • Creating Prophetic Words – How to put encouraging, edifying, and exhorting words from God together for yourself and others.
  • Finding Identity in Inheritance Scripture – Discover how God highlights your identity in specific Scripture
  • Intercession (prayer) and Intel – What to do with what you receive from God in prayer. Developing Impact Prayers.
  • Lectio Divina – marinating in scripture
  • Unpacking a Prophetic Word – You got a word you feel is from God, now what? How do you uncover God’s heart and what do you do with the information?