Blueprint Impact Prayers TWC Outreach

Look at the tabs to find Impact Prayers for Blueprints we have created. This TWC Outreach is a way for us to use these Blueprints to support and draw leaders in the body of Christ toward the Father heart of God. Each Blueprint carries our Kingdom DNA for invitation and encouragement toward identity, intimacy and hope. We freely give what God has opened to us in our prophetic intercession and Intel process. This is one way we pour back into the body of Christ and is one of our outreach passions as a Tribe.

Our commitment to ongoing relationship creates a safe place for these Blueprint Running Mates to process, explore and grow. We treasure the privilege to intercess for each one. In fact, we see each Blueprint and the people it encourages (directly and indirectly) as divine assignments. We commit to intercession for each leader. We unify together with each person who receives this Blueprint or is impacted by each leader who receives one.

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We practice “blind prophecy.”

This means we promise anonymity to each person who receives a Blueprint. This keeps us from skewing our Intel based on what we may know about the person or area of influence. It also means we will not be tempted to use anyone as a platform for our own promotion. At times, we will share who received one, but we typically assign a Blueprint code to each one and refer to it in this way throughout the Intel/Blueprint development process.

Unique and Tailored

Each Impact Prayer is created using Intel collected from our Warriors. They are unique and tailored for the people behind the prayer focus. The Intel goes through several steps in the process from our Warriors to those Warriors who are more specialized in their Intel training.

Follow the tabs to link to Impact Prayers created through the years. Through our TWC Outreach, we believe each Blueprint has up to a 10 year life on it. However, we are only 2+ years in and are still discovering their ongoing value. These Impact Prayers continue to be relevant and are ready for you to pray as God leads!