Prophetic Intercession in TWC


In TWC Intercession is an exciting adventure where we partner with God. This partnership starts from being IN HIM (Abiding) so we release promises and provision from heaven to earth. Intel, simply put, is God’s heart for a community, person or event. 

As we share Impact Prayers and Blueprints with people around the world, we often hear people say, “This is really different.”  They are. Our Impact Prayers include many voices, prophetic information, strategy and invitation gathered from Input from you and other Warriors. We pray from rest in the secret place of God’s heart rather than work to “pray hard”!


Nope not CIA…We are TWC – a strategic prayer force on this earth! We train to walk off the known map (pioneer) and explore as we seek God’s heart. Intel gathering is a real time activation to practice and expand your capacity to connect to Father’s heart. Impact Prayers are how we practice our training and do something beyond ourselves for others. As Warriors who have a perspective of joy, limitless possibilities, and empowering grace, we partner with God’s provision and blessings to displace any negative mindsets of performance, poverty, mediocrity, legalism, etc. We also tap into the Key Territories we have discovered through our years of intercession. 

INTERCESSION – Our perspective! 

It’s pretty simple…Our intercession partners with God’s heart for others. We only take intercession assignments we feel have the Lord’s “yes” on them. Typically that translates into 4-8 Blueprint treatise each year. We typically invite 10-20 people to join in each prayer focus. Over the course of the year, every Warrior who has completed Stage 2 will have 1-3 invitations to join into our Intel gathering process. Intel is how we become great stewards of what God shares with us. We release Impact Prayers through our Warrior Update each month so we can all pray together. 


Not everyone feels like they have a prophetic gift, although we have found that many who feel this way discover prophecy is actually already a part of their wiring. Our request is simple. “Ask God what His heart is for this prayer focus.”  That’s it. We give you questions to help you unpack what you sense He is saying. TWC is a safe place to practice “hearing” from God. Over the years, we’ve found God is faithful and we hear Him better than we think we do. 

What you send in is significant. It is part of the bigger picture created with the other submissions and is important! We do not expect you to get the whole picture. We just ask for your piece of the puzzle. When we combine everyone’s puzzle pieces together, we get a better understanding of the full picture! See How Intel Works tab

OUR PERMISSIONS – Praying for God’s Sons and Daughters

Blueprints are an invitation to a relational journey. We commit to being a running mate for each son and/or daughter of God who receives our Blueprints. Our stance is that we will find a deep friendship as we walk through the Blueprint together.

Each Blueprint is an assignment from the Lord. God gives us permission to link arms with His son and/or daughter to create the Blueprint. In it, we access their permissions in their areas of influence and place ourselves in their shoes. With each one, we position ourselves from God’s heart with laser focus to encourage the heart of that person(s). Even when praying for “countries,” we are actually praying for the people who are kingdom “boots on the ground” and the people of the land.

Blueprints share prophetic Intel that takes years to explore. This means we commit to being running mates as we tap into the living, breathing promises, permissions, strategies, identity and original design God has for them. Partnering with God means we get to see from their perspective and God’s to bless them in the limitless possibilities God has, but we also receive many blessings through those people who become lasting friends and established kingdom warriors with us.


Our Blueprints have sent out ripple effects to cities, regions and nations all over the world. We have created Blueprints and Impact Prayers that directly or indirectly impact all continents of the world and 1000s of churches. But, most importantly, these prayers break open space and plow ground for countless people in the world.

We ask for a relational commitment from our Blueprint recipients, too, as they go through their tailored Blueprint. This gives them a safe place to talk through the prophetic, relationship with God, transformation and obstacles, while developing Kingdom friendships along the way.  

We step into wide-open spaces, pioneer expansion in our intercession and savor the time we spend walking with the Lord! With arms linked together, we partner together and with those divine assignments to release a force of victory for God.