Intimacy with God

Helping you live from the Father’s heart Intimacy with God

People asked Jesus what He most valued. He responded in a way that pulled His all of His teachings into one clearly defined statement: love God with everything and love your neighbor as yourself – paraphrase of Luke 10:27. Jesus invited us into a place of dynamic relationship.

Saying, “yes” to God as our Savior is the first step. Then, we start down this road with a lot of questions. How do I grow with God? How do I connect to Him? Do I have to do this alone?

Our training encourages you to deepen in the Father’s love. We help you discover and know who you are in Christ as you connect with Holy Spirit. Each module includes specific opportunities to grow and mature. In them, you develop language to better capture who you are in your relationship with God.

Foundations Include

  • Foundations Training: Each training makes space for God to move through the questions, scripture, teaching, activations, etc. His transforming power is always at work. And we come alongside with calls and coaching to help establish your gains.
  • At the beginning, we start with a few things to help you, such as “flipping negatives,” values and prayer. Then we move into seeing yourself through God’s eyes as we focus on different aspects of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You can’t truly know yourself outside of relationship with The Creator, so the training helps you recognize how to open your heart to God’s love.
  • We pull from many different Christian resources to develop this unique training. At the very heart, it helps deepen in your ability to consider and absorb scripture in light of God’s transforming love.

We do not have deadlines. Instead, you and the Lord set the pace. In fact, you learn sensitivity to the Lord as you explore how long you stay in each section. Since all our training includes ways to connect with God more closely, He will meet you in many different ways.

Foundations is just the beginning. We offer specialty training in intimacy with God through prayer and intercession, Kingdom Culture, and living in your commission.

Community is built as we train. Conversations and experiences are shared as God grows us. We explore life with God together.

If you want to hear a Youtube about how our training takes us into “God’s More,” Click here.

What Our Warriors Say

The training in TWC is unique. It made a space for me to deepen in God without pressure to be perfect. I am able to spend time where I need to with God and move faster in other areas. I’ve never had so much support from coaches to be the me God created.

– CW

Through the training in TWC, I rediscovered dreams God gave me that had died long ago. They were brought back to life. Not only did my purpose resurface, I found a group of people who are helping those dreams become reality as I learn to walk them out. The intangible becomes real! Heaven is brought to earth in my every day. God breathed life into me again!

– JD