TWC’s Specialty Training

The Warrior Commission offers Specialty Training to help you focus on specific areas of growth. TWC’s Specialty Training develops you into the “loving others” part of Luke 10:27. is limited to a smaller group of people so relationships are built. The groups go through a specific time of training with submission days along with a coach who is dedicated to that training. We offer four specific areas of focus: Kingdom Influencer, Intel, Coaching and Champion of Champions training.

Kingdom Influencer

Kingdom Influencer Training takes a special look living life in your identity in Jesus. It helps you understand your why, or your core passion in life. You will explore God’s heart for you as a disciple, influencing others as you walk with Jesus. Learn to encourage a kingdom transformational culture in your areas of influence. Understand the leadership identity God designed you to live out. 

When we know our why and our Who, we live our commission of Love. Our Warriors find great joy in helping others breakthrough. Kingdom Influencers learn to walk in this kind of confidence.


Intel Development Training dives into our Intel process. Members experience numerous aspects of our unique process. Explore our Intel process. First, steward what God releases in prayer. Second, you refine it. Then, create Impact Prayers. We have an ongoing Intel team that works on special outreach projects.

Feedback from the Intel Team shares the amazing majesty of God as He connects the dots of intercession together. The team has shared those blueprints with people all over the world and heard incredible stories of Impact experienced through those blueprints.


Coach Training expands your intimacy with God, your partnership with Holy Spirit, and your Kingdom Identity. Explore new dimensions of the influence and impact your life in God can make. No matter if you coach in TWC or in other areas of your life, you can learn to coach from God’s heart.

Coaches form a special bond with each other and with other Warriors in TWC. We do not think hierarchy. We think family. All Warriors help each other grow.


One of our major considerations through training is that a Champion is “championing” others around them. We train with this in mind. First you get in touch with God’s dream for you. Then, you learn to more clearly define your Champion identity and promises. Last, you learn what it is to be a champion of others so they can grab hold of all God dreams for them, too. The conversations do not stop after the training is finished. Our Champions continue to help each other step into the God dreams discovered and/or brought to the surface during the training.

The consensus of Warriors who have completed Champion Training has indicated significant shifts and deep transformation through the training. Feedback says the Champion Training is extremely challenging and, yet, it results in significant transformation and is well worth the journey.

TWC’s Specialty Training is available after Foundations is complete. Our question to you is this: “What training or relationship building is God highlighting next?” It’s up to you and the Lord to determine your next steps of your adventure in The Warrior Commission. We are here to connect with you and help support and encourage you along the way.