TWC’s Specialty Training


Empowering Kingdom Influence – EKI (formerly known as Specialty Training). EKI is an over-arching umbrella for all of TWC’s advanced training and connection opportunities, once Foundations training is complete. Our purpose in creating these Trainings is to give every Warrior advanced and hands on experience. EKI is typically team and individually mentored so you continue to develop in scripturally based training that helps you develop greater depth in your personal maturing process. We grouped the trainings to create an easily followed map for your exploration.

Growth and Next Steps

While Foundations consists of self-paced training modules supported by Coaches and Warrior Calls, EKI Training Focuses include both self-paced training modules and small team-oriented coached training. Most have specific time parameters or commitments.

Your influence in the Kingdom of God flows from your intimacy with God and your identity in Christ. You explore and develop in these areas through Foundations. These EKI Training opportunities build on who you are and learned in your journey with God so far.

EKI – Four different groupings of training 

These options are grouped based upon the style of training, or prerequisites. You are free to choose the path that best suits your individual life in God. This is an overview to give you a taste of what is included in The Warrior Commission.

Transitioning from Foundations to Empowering Kingdom Influence

Going in one direction or exploring one grouping does not limit you from exploring other areas of training in TWC. Or, you can revisit some of the trainings you have completed with the new perspectives and growth you have experienced since taking them. Because our trainings are layered with depth, God reveals new things each time you explore them. As you know, your journey with God is not a one and done experience, but as multifaceted as you are.


Learn to live a Kingdom lifestyle and explore/discover new specialties.

Intel Development Training (IDT) – Intercession as a training ground. IDT helps you sharpen and hone these skills. With coaching in a smaller team environment, you will be encouraged and affirmed. As the training helps you build confidence, you can gain better understanding for what God releases to you. Then, discover how that fits with what others in your team also discover. 

Dynamic Kingdom Interchange (DKI) – Dynamic Kingdom Interchange (DKI) is a Kingdom Lifestyle training to practice the tool of 3-way listening. This includes three parts. 1. Hearing your own mind and heart. 2. Listening to the person with whom you are interacting. 3. Understanding God’s heart for you both.

Advance Training Modules (ATMs) – Advance Training Modules are a group of self-paced Training Modules that each have unique focuses. Choose your adventure from the options. They do often follow particular themes in the Bible or focus on skill sets.

Champions Training – Champion Training uses dynamic group interaction, one on one mentoring and training modules with submission dates. The team is small. Connect to the dream God created you to live. Kingdom Lifestyle of living the dream helps you become a Champion who raises up champions.

CoNexus Hubs – Transformation and God stories are established in conversation and with deeper friendships. These groups focus on character growth and developing a lifestyle of carrying out revelation.


Moving from theory to activation:

Connection Ambassador Training – Further develop you ability to communicate and encourage others with Kingdom language and engage with others in inspiring ways.

CoNexus Hub Facilitator Training (year 1) – In this training, you learn to facilitate group conversation build/encourage stronger relationships with focused topics. You are coached and are part of a team of CoNexus Hub facilitators who generate ongoing discussion and support for your training experience.

Engagement Facilitator Training – Develop your leadership skills by engaging Warriors in conversations in a conference call format. Your training includes coaching to help you develop topics/questions, create video introductions for the calls, facilitate the calls and explore the passion those topics in application to a Kingdom Warrior lifestyle.

Creative Innovation Training – year 1 This training allows you to consult in a team environment with others while putting your creativity to practice. Learn to stimulate ideas and help you troubleshoot to bring creative expression into reality. Examples include developing training modules, learning to facilitate calls, creating new training and expression through the creative process, worship, application of prayer projects and art that capture specific values and images in TWC.

Coaches Afire Training – Year 1

Coaches Afire Training is a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your intimacy with God, your partnership with Holy Spirit, and your Kingdom Identity. You will explore new dimensions of the influence and impact your life in God can make in God’s Kingdom and explore Kingdom Influence through the Written Word, and Kingdom Influence through Visual Media/the Spoken Word. 


How you train in bringing heaven to earth through team. In these trainings you activate in your personal areas of influence. You learn more about stepping into the next step God has for your growth to live out the dreams He created you to carry. You develop intentionality in seeing Kingdom lifestyle and culture expressed authentically through your interaction and connection to others.

Intel Ambassadors – these Warrior ambassadors are scouts who discover what happens when Warriors train on the ground of intercession with the Lord. The learn to identify and make strategic connections from what comes in prayer.

Kingdom Administration – Transition in a broader culture (group) requires shifts in processes and systems. Learning how to develop and maintain processes that support Kingdom Culture applies across a broader spectrum of groups. Warriors apply administrative gifts, while developing leadership skills to map out cultural transition and manage expansion and change.

Champions Advance! – Warriors have the opportunity to train and activate so your Champion sized God dream can be lived out. This includes focused development through your areas of passion with God. As your unique dream comes to life, you train to be a champion for others. Launch Charter and Earthquake Proofing You Foundations are two trainings in this area.

Coaches Afire (Coaches Training year 2+) – Coaches Afire is a team of Coaches who train in Kingdom Culture leadership and undergird Warriors within TWC all the while saying yes to God’s fire within themselves. As part of this team, you continue training in real time activation as part of a rotation of coaches who embrace the fire of God in their lives and intentionally explore God’s heart in that fire.

CoNexus Hub Facilitator (year 2+) –  Learn to cultivate a culture of connection as you encourage those Warriors. It’s more than introducing someone to another person, it’s an immersion in stewarding conversations that help strengthen values and stronger character. It’s been said transformation is established through relationship and conversation. You are learning to encourage this process, while also experiencing it in your life.

Creative Innovation Training year 2+ You will learn the fine art of being a creative influence while making space for the creative process for others, whether inside or beyond TWC. This is transferable to other groups as you learn to take thoughts into tangible training, bring people into the development through it and/or establish Kingdom Culture through your creative expression – imagery and/or writing.




Lead Coaches


Link to Strategic Leadership Team Training


Once your finish Foundations Training and the Transitions Training Module, each Training opportunity has its own start date and timeline. Click on the name of the training to access more information about that training, including time parameters and the application process (if needed). You may apply by submitting the Application under the Access Tab on this Website. Application deadlines and specific dates for Empowering Kingdom Influence Training Modules can be found in the Warrior Update and Frontline publications or email your coaches at

TWC’s Specialty Training is available after Foundations is complete. Our question to you is this: “What training or relationship building is God highlighting next?” It’s up to you and the Lord to determine your next steps of your adventure in The Warrior Commission. We are here to connect with you and help support and encourage you along the way.