Intro to TWC

As an Intro to TWC, check out a bit about us and find out who we are.
We hope you will join us and look forward to meeting you!

Intro to TWC

As you look through these website pages, you will have more information about our training, community, and values. We also have calls you can join to get more information, meet us and ask questions. To sign up for a call, go to our Info/Apply Now tab and fill out the inquiry form. Being on the call does not obligate you to join.

We are multifaceted. This Intro to TWC captures some of what we have established together. What we also hope to capture is how our Tribe also makes space for you to practice what you learn. If that practice is about facilitating conversation, writing, or practicing Kingdom Culture, we find ways to encourage you in these areas.

We have many options for you to explore, even beyond the training itself. In these many different areas, we help you build confidence in developing different skills in a safe and encouraging culture.

You can also check out our social media on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram