Our Journey

Our Journey

Fresh Start

The Warrior Commission values the journey with God. The step by step process of who we are and are becoming – individually and as a community – is something we are always exploring. After all, life with our limitless God has limitless possibilities.

The journey of The Warrior Commission (TWC) began many years ago as a Prayer Partner Network for Graham Cooke, bringing prayer covering for his extensive travel and numerous public events.

We wondered:

  • Could a prayer group be something different than a traditional, loosely based, network of prayer?
  • What happens when we train on the ground of intercession, learning to hear God for ourselves and others?
  • What if God could train us to be a Warrior Commission; a class of warriors passionately pursuing God, training at the highest levels and focused on pouring back into all our areas of influence? — Keeping the value and voice of each person and establishing rest and refreshing as part of our training process.

The answer, we discovered, was more than we could have imagined!

Our official start for TWC was in 2011, when Graham Cooke and Allison Bown created a place of relational training. They opened an atmosphere where people could be developed through joyful, targeted intercession. During our first seven years, TWC members contributed to prophetic intercession for the ministry and Kingdom assignments of Graham and Theresa Cooke.

Through that time, God expanded our foundation. We discovered the training process opened doors to deeper relationship with God and stronger identity in Christ.

When living this new found confidence out loud, we couldn’t help but build stronger connections within our tribe. Why? We simply got so excited about how God transformed us toward maturity, we just had to share it!

A New Generation of Warriors

In 2017, Christine Casten and a new generation of leaders were invited to take the reigns of TWC. Allison Bown joined Graham’s ministry, Brilliant Perspectives, full time. During that time, Graham shifted his focus on working more from his Santa Barbara base, rather than extensive travel and numerous public events.

Because of this change, The Warrior Commission’s prophetic intercession transitioned. We shifted from our focus on Graham’s ministry to exploring God’s heart and how He wanted to change our intercession focus.  With TWC’s passion to raise up and encourage maturing sons and daughters of the Lord, we continued expanded our intercession to a more global perspective.

We found ways to encourage various leaders throughout the body of Christ with specialized prophetic “Blueprints” created through our unique prophetic prayer process. Through this shift, the Lord created ways for TWC to build on our prior training. Imagine how excited we were! We found the years of personal training and maturing, as a community, created something we have never seen before.

Our transition created new ways to apply what we trained in – a unique expression of the kindness and empowering nature of God’s heart toward others.  Intercession Blueprints

As Proverbs 24:6 encourages, we expanded our training materials to include a larger number of Kingdom voices both outside and within TWC. While Graham Cooke and Allison Bown no longer maintain an official connection to The Warrior Commission, we build on their Kingdom legacy, tapping into teachings, books and materials they created.

Our training is a unique and proven process that encourages people to dream with God, grow in intimate connection with Him and re-envision life through His perspective.

The Warrior Commission intentionally empowers a Kingdom culture of encouragement and joy for the journey. We celebrate and live out how the body of Christ works together.

As we grow in our relationship and identity in/with God we adhere to the warrior code we created through the Decisions That Define Us and our values and principles.

God is passionate. He encouraged us to focus all we have learned in intercession, and through our training, to apostolically minded leaders in all areas of influence in the body of Christ.

To sum it up, we are exploring how an amazing Kingdom community of passionate sons and daughters can intentionally live our training together and out loud!