Primary Passions and Options in TWC

The Warrior Commission’s primary passions create optional opportunities for your participation. In addition, we include ways to support your journey and highlight a variety of options for you.


The Warrior Commission has 3 PRIMARY areas of passion. These areas of passion are ongoing and are part of our continual growth as individuals and as a Warrior EPIC nation. Luke 10:27 captures these primary passions: “And he [Jesus] replied, “You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”

These 3 Primary Passions boil down to the following:

  • Love God
    • Ongoing development in your relationship with God. How? We offer many different avenues of training to encourage your ongoing growth and activation. These options are included in Foundations and Empowering Kingdom Influence, which include some real-time and practical applications.
    • Developing a Lifestyle of praying without ceasing, developed in our Intercession/Intel training and many training modules.
  • As You Love Yourself
    • Maturing as a Warrior, Explorer, Pioneer, Influencer, Champion (Warrior EPIC)
    • Identity (seeing yourself through God’s eyes)
    • Rising and maturing and confidently living as a Son/Daughter of God in your full commission and authority.
    • Developing a Warrior Lifestyle with the character development to live in fullness with God.
  • Love Others
    • Living the powerful life of confident identity in Christ and how that positively impacts all your areas of influence
    • Practicing in the safe place TWC provides and learning how to develop a creative and thriving Kingdom Culture
    • Creativity with God to reflect His heart to others
    • Being a Champion of champions (Champion Training) where your God given dream partners you with God to pour into/overflow into others through your commission and purpose.
    • Developing training, teaching, articles, coaching, etc. to encourage others to rise into their full capacity in God. Helping you take your areas of revelation and overcoming to share, encourage and strengthen others in their journey with God.


How? The Warrior Commission offers a wide variety of options for you to explore and establish these primary passions in your life. In the journey, you choose your direction, and next steps, through your partnership with God and connection with our coaches.

Once you complete Foundations, simply ask God to point out which area of the TWC map He wants you to journey into next. Will it be climbing Champion Mountain? Launching Leadership development in Dynamic Kingdom Interchange? Navigating the expanse of the ocean and its depths through Intel/Intercession? Bringing Kingdom Culture into reality in facilitating or coaching others? What is YOUR next step?

  • We want you to learn and grow in a way that best suits your style and God’s direction
  • Making choices is key to being a mature Warrior who thinks for themselves
  • Practice overcoming the mindset: “I have to do it all” while focusing in on specific areas of your growth.
  • Activate in the skills and gifts you carry as we (your TWC Tribe) makes space for you to learn, grow and soar!

Resources for You

We often tap into the resources below to give you space to practice and develop. What about writing, coaching, or Intel development? You learn more ways to discover and express your Kingdom voice and step into your commission. In fact, after experiencing some of our Empowering Kingdom Influence training, you may want to explore something more. This includes developing effective training, organizing ideas to share with others, or facilitating Kingdom culture. Remember, TWC is a safe place to practice and strengthen in your commission and co-mission with each other and with God. The synergy we have together is off the charts!

Publications – Although these publications are optional reading, they support and train you to thrive in the 3 Primary Passions. This is one area where we see Warriors explore writing and sharing their Kingdom voice through the written word.

  • Frontline – A monthly mini-training journal for The Warrior Commission. The articles are written to support our values, foundations and provide training support, along with features from many different voices in TWC.
  • Warrior Update – Monthly updates aimed at two important areas for our community.
    • Important Information: Upcoming events (including live events, TWC-Wide unified prayer calls, etc.), announcements, Face2Face Regional Gatherings, and Commission Now! events. We also include important Youtube videos, and files.
    • Intercession: Intel Training articles to help your Intel process, and current Impact Prayers for our most recent prayer focuses. Many voices pulling together for strategic, prophetic Intel.
  • Training Journal – A topical publication that includes extensive training support for a targeted area of focus. The TJs are loaded with tools, articles and testimonies. They contain a multitude of voices as Warriors step into new places, try new territories and expand beyond their comfort zones in new ways.
  • Call Blast – This weekly publication puts upcoming calls on your radar. It contains call links and information for the next ten days.

Email Communication – Did you realize emails encourage relational Kingdom culture?

  • Connecting with Coaching and Fellow Warriors through Emails: Experience how Kingdom culture creates a relational exchange. See how encouragement and affirmation strengthen you in your journey and help you overcome obstacles. Tap into the breakthroughs of others as Coaches or Connections Ambassadors add fuel to your engine. In fact, as they pour into you, they are training in being relationalWarrior ambassadors to empower Kingdom running mates. This might be a training you also will experience in your process of growth.
    • All Warriors have the opportunity to connect with the Coaches within TWC through emails. It’s also a training you can explore as a Coach or Connection Ambassador.
    • During your Warrior journey, members may initiate email conversations through the Coaches Gmail account ( to ask questions or engage in discussion related to their Warrior Commission process.
  • Call Reminders: Training Call and Engagement Call reminders are typically sent out the week before each call. These calls are where we meet, connect, train and fan the flames of our process of growth.
    • To help you, we consolidate the upcoming calls in one email that will go out weekly. Some reminders may come earlier if there is additional preparation for the call. Check out the Event Tab in the Warrior Chat group on the Forum to schedule calls on your personal calendar.
  • Publications: All our monthly and special publications come through email.  We use an online publisher called Constant Contact. (see above section for more information)


  • Impact Prayers – Crafting Impact Prayers© from Intel is an invitation all Warriors are extended 1-3 times a year. We share these IPs, mainly, through our Warrior Updates. They will sometimes be included in our Frontline, as well. These focused prayers allow our Warrior Tribe to pray together in unified direction.
    • You are welcome to pray the prayer as it is written, or, if the Lord highlights something in it, you can create another Impact Prayer to pray into that area.
    • Take a deeper training in the Intel Development process. Learn more about converting what you receive from God into strategic direction, consolidated in an Impact Prayer. Our Intel Development Training (in the fall) might be for you.
  • Intel Gathering Process – Although the Intel Gathering Process is part of how we develop the prophetic TWC “Blueprints,” much of the initial gathering process is really about learning to understand how God speaks to you. It is a way to practice receiving from God (for someone else) and move outside the box of a more self-focused experience.
    • To “hear” God’s heart for another postures us in a way where we can learn the nuances of His heart and encourage another. The invitation to participate in an Intel Gathering Process is optional, yet many of our members have had incredible breakthroughs by participating.
    • In addition, we have found that this invitation offers a way to practice and share what you have discovered. We have found that every submission (even yours!) carries something we can use…no matter how new, or experienced, you may be in this area. What you share and submit is valued and valuable.

Zoom Calls

  • Engagement (Processing/Journey/Story) Calls – Members can join these connections of exploration. It’s not about a training, but about a discussion to explore deeper concepts of values, Kingdom culture, character and connection. Each Engagement call has a special focus, or perspective, that remains constant throughout the current season. CoNexus Hubs are one type of engagement call, connecting us together in TWC, and with each other.
  • Training Calls – Coaches enthusiastically create a variety of training to help you with training levels/modules and to develop specific tools to help you with your training. 
    • Remember, our coaches share and develop these topics through areas of passion and overcoming. They are not regurgitating a set curriculum. Instead, we ask about their current revelation and help them develop a call based on what they have discovered and experienced with God. In sharing it with you, you get to accelerate in that space and get sparked in what’s possible.
    • God is celebrated and we are reminded of how actively engaged He is with us.
  • Processing Calls – Calls for you to process your journey from various perspectives with others on the call. Perspectives for processing range from abundance, fruit of the Spirit, Key Territories, etc.


  • Forum – on the Website: This is TWC’s private location for online connections, discussions, and sharing information related to TWC training and events. Many of our training modules ask you to share your discoveries and revelation from that module on the Forum. Why? The exercise helps you find words to share what God is doing, allows it to be established and celebrated in your life. It also will be an encouragement to others.
  • Facebook: Public Page (The Warrior Commission TWC) – This is an open site for your friends, family and TWC to share blogs, updates or encouragement for the body of Christ at large. We include videos, live devotionals and much more. You may get a chance to share your revelation or respond to one, as well. We also have other social media accounts on LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram (see links in footer)
  • The Warrior Commission – Member Only – website – You should have set up your password when you created your account. If your password is not working, click on the link that says “forgot password” to reset it.
    • Resources, past articles, training, videos, explanations — our journey and revelation at your fingertips.
  • CoNexus Hubs – through online Zoom call connections you will find groups of Warriors who gather once a month to share their Warrior Commission journey with one another through conversation. These Hubs reform every year as our training year begins in July. (see engagement calls)

 Live Events

  • Warrior Commission Now Events – We will host a TWC Wide event to encourage all of us to gather in one place every other year. This is a time of connection, training and opportunity for Warriors to step into new areas to train in different ways of sharing their Kingdom Voices. We tap into this event as a platform for Warriors to develop in creating breakouts, messages and activations.
  • Regional Face2Face Events -These events open space for connection and times to see each other in person. They allow people who live in closer proximity to meet. Some events are more focused on building relationship and conversation over dinner, while others are hosted at venues that allow space for discussion, worship, activation and connection.

TWC’s 3 Primary Passions become foundations for your own process of growth. They open the space for the creative journey of this Warrior EPIC nation. As we pursue these Primary Passions together, God has opened many options for us to learn, grow and thrive.