Primary Passions and Options in TWC

The Warrior Commission has both primary passions and optional opportunities for your participation.  This information is shared below.


The Warrior Commission has two primary passions we encourage all of our members to participate in:

  • Relationship with God and Maturing as a Warrior through our self-paced training 
  • Intercession/Intel

Beyond that, there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from because:

  • We want you to learn and grow in a way that best suits your style
  • Making choices is key to being a mature warrior who thinks for themselves
  • It gives practice in overcoming the mindset: “I have to do it all.”


Publications – Although these publications are optional, the best way to keep your fingers on the pulse of TWC comes through these two publications.  

  • Frontline News – A monthly mini-training journal for The Warrior Commission. The articles are written to support our values, foundations and provide training support, along with features from many different voices in TWC.
  • Warrior Update – Monthly updates aimed at two important areas for our community.
    • Important Information: Upcoming events (including FB Live unified prayer), announcements, regional gatherings, and Training Days. We also include important “state of the union” videos, files and blogs written by your warrior buddies.
    • Intercession: Intel Training, Articles to help your Intel process,  and current Crafted Prayers for our most recent prayer focuses.
  • Training Journal – An topical publication that includes extensive training support for a targeted area of focus. The TJs are loaded with tools, articles and testimonies.

Email Communication

  • Connections Ambassador Emails: Warriors participating in Connections Ambassadors  practice encouragement and support through our unique culture. They send out emails to our members several times a year. These emails create a point of connection and dialogue and offer a chance to address any specific questions you may have.  The note they send you opens the conversation with suggested topics and/or questions for the current season. The emails are optional and are an invitation to connect directly with another warrior excited to help you in your journey.  
  • Call Reminders: Training Call and Engagement Call reminders are typically sent out the week before each call. We are consolidating the upcoming calls in one email that will go out weekly. Some reminders may come earlier if there is additional preparation for the call.  Check out the Event Tab in the Warrior Chat group on the Forum to schedule calls on your personal calendar.
  • Publications: All our monthly and special publications come through email.  We use an online publisher called Constant Contact.


  • Crafted Prayers of Impact – Crafted Prayers of Impact are developed from Intel shared mainly through our Warrior Updates and on Facebook. They will sometimes be included in our Frontline, as well.  These focused, crafted prayers allow our Warrior Tribe to pray together in unified direction. You are welcome to pray the prayer as it is written, or, if the Lord highlights something in it, you can create another Crafted Prayer to pray into that area.  
  • Intel Gathering Process – Although the Intel Gathering Process is part of how we develop the proleptic insight “Blueprints,” much of the initial gathering process is really about learning to understand how God speaks to you. It is a way to practice for someone else and move outside the box of a more self-focused experience.  To hear God’s heart for another postures us in a way where we can learn the nuances of His heart and encourage another. The invitation to participate is optional, yet many of our members have had incredible breakthroughs by participating.

Conference Calls

  • Engagement (Processing/Journey/Story) Conference Calls Members can join in on these monthly connections.  Each Engagement call has a special focus, or perspective, that remains constant throughout the current season.
  • Training Calls Coaches enthusiastically create a variety of training to help you with training levels/modules and to develop specific tools to help you with your training. 
  • Processing Calls— Calls for you to process your journey from various perspectives with others on the call. Perspectives for processing range from abundance, fruit of the Spirit, Key Territories, etc.


  • Forum on the Website: This is TWC’s private location for online connections, discussions, and sharing information related to TWC training and events.
  • Facebook: Public Page This is an open site for your friends, family and TWC to share blogs, updates or encouragement for the body of Christ at large.
  • The Warrior Commission – Member Only – website – You should have set up your password when you created your account. If your password is not working, click on the link that says “forgot password.” to reset it.

 Live Events

  • Warrior Commission Now Events – We will host an Annual Training Day to encourage all of us to gather in one place. We may also hold Regional Training Days throughout the year.  

Empowering Kingdom Influence

Training Focuses created to develop specific skills and gifts starting with: