“Warriors Are” Declarations

These declarations are pulled from The Way of the Warrior LIVE


Warriors are confident.

Warriors are not quitters.

Warriors have an intimate relationship with God.

Warriors are fighters.

Warriors don’t whine.

Warriors are not looking for rescue, they look for majesty instead.

Warriors love the fight! Warriors look for the fight.

Warriors are fascinated by God’s majesty, sovereignty, and beauty.

Warriors are people who confidently make choices about where to focus their internal attention.

Warriors live from the inside out.

Warriors move from the inner man of the spirit through the outer man of the soul.

Warriors live from a state of untroubled calm and rest.

Warriors are totally reliant on the Lord.

Warriors are dependent on the Holy Spirit.

Warriors are interdependent on others around them.

Warriors are people of joy.

Warriors joyfully expect God to come through.

Warriors live in complete assurance of who God is for them.

Warriors have a real identity in themselves–they know who they are.

Warriors trade on their favor that comes from their identity.

Warriors stand before the Lord.

Warriors stand in their identity in Christ.

Warriors stand in their destiny.

Warriors stand in their promises.

Warriors stand in their calling.

Warriors stand in their anointing.

Warriors stand in all the things that God has contributed to them over the years.

Warriors ask God for things with a smile on their face.

Warriors know how to receive from God under extreme pressure.

Warriors are bold.

Warriors are courageous.

Warriors know how to endure.

Warriors are faithful.

Warriors know how to rejoice.

Warriors know how to be still.

Warriors hold their nerve in the face of enemy attack.

Warriors have God’s heart.

Warriors have God’s favor.

Warriors don’t look for sympathy, they look to be empowered.

Warriors are people who can get up, dust themselves off, and get on with it.

Warriors look for the side of God that they know really only exists on the battlefield.

Warriors know how to be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

Warriors know how to live in the goodness of God and how to pass it on.

Warriors know how to access who God is in Himself.

Warriors are patient and know how to wait on the Lord.

Warriors know how God thinks.

Warriors see what God sees.

Warriors love the learning and enjoy the process.

Warriors are overcomers.

Warriors know how to press into God.

Warriors know how to pray.

Warriors take one day at a time.

Warriors aren’t looking for something to end, they are looking to receive something in the moment they are in.

Warriors trust God for the outcome.

Warriors take responsibility for their process.

Warriors know how to be at peace where there is a storm raging all around them.

Warriors are designed to get breakthrough.

Warriors know how to pull on God for things.

Warriors have a positive attitude and see life in terms of possibilities.

Warriors are determined to enjoy every situation that occurs.

Warriors are determined to find everything God has for them in every situation.

Warriors discover the twinkle in God’s eye and the smile on His face.

Warriors know how to stand patiently and wait out the enemy.

Warriors know how to access God when everything is against them.

Warriors think confidently.

Warriors have a powerful anointing.

Warriors know how to stay fresh every day and are deliberately fresh every morning.

Warriors know how to refresh themselves in the Lord.

Warriors don’t carry over the wear and tear of battle from one day to the next.

Warriors live in astonishment.

Warriors have a radiant idea of God.

Warriors are not intimidated by the enemy– they’re too busy being fascinated by Jesus.

Warriors are not afraid of anything.

Warriors destroy the works of the devil.

Warriors have majesty written all over them.

Warriors never make allowances for losing.

Warriors expect to win.

Warriors do not back down.

Warriors do not accept anything less than fullness.

Warriors live in majesty.

Warriors don’t run from fights.

Warriors internalize their relationship with the Lord.

Worship is a warrior’s breath.

Warriors are explorers.

Warriors know how to use their imaginations.

Warriors have learned the internal discipline of the spirit man over the soul.

Warriors engage their will in favor of the inner man of the spirit.

Warriors rule over their soul and body by an act of their will.

Warriors live in the spirit constantly by giving their will over to God.

Warriors always allow God to redirect their will.

Warriors don’t let their emotions run the show.

Warriors always focus on the process, not the end product.

Warriors focus on the journey, not the destination.

Warriors choose to be optimistic.

Warriors fight against discouragement.

Warriors are designed to hear the laughter of God

Warriors are really careful about what they say about themselves.

Warriors are resilient.

Warriors practice the presence of God.

Warriors claim responsibility to magnify the Lord.

Warriors only allow the Holy Spirit access to their will. Warriors are always tuned in to who Jesus is.

Warriors see everything through majesty.

Warriors are looking to be overwhelmed by the bigness of God.

Warriors think in terms of increase.

Warriors fight only the fights that God wants them to take on.

Warriors have taken their own internal territory.

Warriors have turned the inner man of their spirit into a refuge and fortress.

Warriors guard their inner territory all the time.

Warriors have agreement in their spirit man with the Holy Spirit.

Warriors influence people around them.

Warriors are at war with negativity.

Warriors bring release to situations.

Warriors confront the enemy.

Warriors fight the enemy by using worship as a weapon. Warriors choose when they will fight instead of just reacting to the enemy’s taunts.

Warriors choose the ground upon which they are going to fight.

Warriors access their inner man so they can reveal the supremacy of God in the moment God chooses for it to be revealed.

Warriors are in the habit of manifesting what is on the inside of them.

Warriors overcome natural circumstances through what is in them.

Warriors have an anointing and they use it.

Warriors change the atmosphere.

Warriors cause faith to rise up in people.

Warriors are not concerned about the strength of the enemy–they are focused on the undefeatableness of God.

Warriors stand and call down the true nature of God into the earth.

Warriors expose the gap between the real and the false.

Warriors walking with God always constitute the majority.

Warriors are people of a different spirit.

Warriors displace the negatives around them.

Warriors are innocent.

Warriors are good and kindhearted.

Warriors know how to live as much-loved children of God.

Warriors overcome evil with good.

Warriors know how to use the language of intimidation against the enemy.

Warriors run to meet the enemy when God says to fight.

Warriors are excited by what God is doing.

Warriors celebrate God in their spirit.

Warriors were born to manifest God’s Spirit.

Warriors were born to run, not walk.

Warriors were born to believe.

Warriors were born to stand and fight.

Warriors are thinkers.

Warriors bring embarrassment to the enemy.

Warriors exact vengeance on the enemy.

Warriors are bathed in the glory of God.

Warriors see through the lies of the enemy.

Warriors have the ability to dream.

Warriors shout the name of God.

Warriors speak the name of God in confidence.

Warriors worship God in spirit and in truth.

Warriors don’t react to circumstances, they respond to God.

Warriors look beyond the natural to the realm where God lives.

Warriors see what God sees and they lay hold of it.

Warriors are intuitive.

Warriors are not intimidated by overwhelming circumstances.

Warriors are in alignment with God.

Warriors set aside time to meditate.

Warriors know how to sit, and wait, and listen, and expect to hear God speak.

Warriors have an absolute conviction that God will talk to them.

Warriors exercise the art of belly laughing.

Warriors choose what is right and good on a continuous basis.

Warriors are consistent and unchanging.

Warriors are Christlike.

Warriors are growing ever deeper in their relationship with God.

Warriors are kind.

Warriors consider people around them.

Warriors are intentional and plan ahead.

Warriors are God-conscious.

Warriors follow the example of Jesus.

Warriors only say what God is saying and do what God is doing.

Warriors know what their territory is that God is giving them.

Warriors have influence.

Warriors have authority.

Warriors are defenders of God’s territory.

Warriors are builders of God’s territory.

Warriors establish Kingdom environments.

Warriors know their sphere of influence.

Warriors take responsibility for their neighborhood.

Warriors know how to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Warriors have an internal calm that produces harmony which flows out to other people and releases provisions from God.

Warriors live from heaven to earth.

Warriors don’t stand around and wait for God to do something.

Warriors pray with all the favor of a bride.

Warriors stay focused on their God-given assignment.

Warriors don’t mind being a target of the enemy–they know they are a bigger target for God.

Warriors keep their focus on the Kingdom of God.

Warriors are aware of enemy tactics and guard against them, especially overload and overwork.

Warriors are not needs-driven people.

Warriors know how to rest.

Warriors know how to make times for reflection and worship.

Warriors know how to have times of just hanging out with God.

Warriors know how to have time of just hanging out with friends.

Warriors know what their piece is to contribute in someone’s life.

Warriors don’t allow themselves to be pushed outside their sphere of influence just because somebody has a need.

Warriors know what their assignment is.

Warriors maintain their friendship relationship with God and minister to Him.

Warriors guard what is capturing their attention.

Warriors are creative in their thinking, not earthbound.

Warriors are capable of making tough decisions.

Warriors burn on instead of burning out.

Warriors have a present and a present-future relationship with God.

Warriors take responsibility and are accountable for who they are in God.

Warriors work things out as a community in friendship.

Warriors know what their rhythm is in terms of their relationship with God.

Warriors know when they function best and when their best creative time is.

Warriors allocate time to their best moments according to their personal rhythm.

Warriors fit themselves in with God’s lifestyle.

Warriors trust God for provision.

Warriors sow where they plan to go.

Warriors invest in their own future by investing in somebody else.

Warriors understand God’s humor towards them.

Warriors understand how to physically rest properly.

Warriors have stamina.

Warriors are in for the long haul.

Warriors know the stress levels around them.

Warriors know how to draw back from stress into a place of peace and rest.

Warriors know how to be calm in stressful meetings.

Warriors live a life of celebration.

Warriors look for things to celebrate in everything.

Warriors don’t need things to be right in order to be blessed.

Warriors know how to lift themselves up and out of something.

Warriors know how to step back from what the enemy is doing.

Warriors know how to push their rejoicing onto the enemy and make him back off.

Warriors are tuned in to God’s personality.

Warriors know that mindsets are important and keep their mind as a place of worship.

Warriors make sure their mind and spirit are cooperating to release something through their lives.

Warriors know how to de-stress their environment.

Warriors know how to confidently move from the known to the unknown.

Warriors know how to get wisdom from the Lord for new experiences.

Warriors detect when God is pressing in.

Warriors practice living in the presence of God.

God trusts warriors.

Warriors know the delight of being carried in God’s heart.

Warriors experience the fabulous fun of being with God on a battlefield and hearing Him chuckle at the enemy.

Warriors are on assignment specific to God’s command against the enemy.

Warriors know what they are raised up to fight.

Warriors enter their fight joyfully.

Warriors know their enemy.

Warriors take care of their personality and how they show up in the world

Warriors have outstanding focus.

Warriors reclaim their focus when it gets out of alignment.

Warriors use their resources wisely.

Warriors know that confession is a verbal thing and they speak it out loud to God.

Warriors know how to go exploring when God opens up a space before them.

Warriors enjoy the process of change, readjustment, and realignment.

Warriors have a steadfast and faithful lifestyle.

Warriors persevere.

Warriors know how to press in.

Warriors are able to refuse weariness.

Warriors are elevated to inhabit the place of God’s abundance and provision.

Warriors have rich encounters with God on the battlefields of life.

Warriors have left mediocrity behind.

Warriors do not live in their circumstances, they live in God.

Warriors see God as He really is, not as their church experience depicted Him to be.

Warriors walk in the power of God’s perception of them.

Warriors are governed by how God sees them.

Warriors are undaunted.

Warriors are unworried.

Warriors are unbeatable.

Warriors are moving into maturity.

Warriors are learning their authority and embracing their liberty.

Warriors have access to different dimensions of permission, inheritance, and authority.

Warriors develop obedience to live within God’s intentionality.

Warriors live in harmony with God’s delight in them.

Warriors’ unity with the Spirit is the source of their overcoming lifestyle.

Warriors live in a present that is beautiful and have a future that is incredible.

Warriors let their hearts be enriched by God’s glory.

Warriors live in the power of an accelerated lifestyle.

Warriors have the mind of Christ.

Warriors live from a higher place of being through their perception in the Spirit.

Warriors have a vitality and beauty irresistible to God.

Warriors live from a place of permission granted.

Warriors form a deep place of permission for others.

Warriors live in a place of unbroken delight where the poverty of sin does not touch them.

Warriors embrace God’s newness of life every day.

Warriors are renewed and empowered by joy in their spirit each morning.

Warriors abide in God’s keeping power.

Warriors are not passive.

Warriors go out to meet God’s provision.

Warriors never let themselves be defined by external things.

Warriors are defined internally by God’s permission.

Warriors think from a place of what is possible in light of God’s favor.

Warriors contend with the enemy using their promised.

Warriors use their promises to sharpen their courage in battle.

Warriors live above fear.

Warriors cannot be turned–their hearts are fixed on God.

Warriors live in the laughter of their King.

Warriors inhabit a place of carefree joy.

Warriors walk in the exuberance and the enthusiasm of the Holy Spirit.

Warriors are singers.

Warriors hear God singing and they learn the words.

Warriors expect to be lifted above the head of their enemy.

Warriors know how to use divine advantage.

Warriors are people after God’s own heart.

Warriors live by every word that proceeds from God’s mouth.

Warriors take their perceptions of reality from the Holy Spirit and not from their own logic or reason.

Warriors live immersed in throne room praise.

Warriors pray with Jesus.

Warriors discover practical ways of being seated with Christ in heavenly places.

Warriors cultivate divine military intelligence over the enemy through God’s presence.

Warriors receive revelations that powerfully transform their life.

Warriors set aside logic and reason in favor of wisdom and intuition.

Warriors are free indeed.

Warriors practice renewal constantly.

Warriors are as excited as God is about themselves.

Warriors endure necessary pain for a season as they allow God to radically change their heart and mind.

Warriors reorder their present thinking to include their future identity.

Warriors know how to bring their future into today and live free from their past.

Warriors know that God has made everything available to them in Jesus.

Warriors know their performance never has anything to do with earning, but abiding.

Warriors accept God’s heart towards them.

Warriors know the beauty of being in God and just being with Him.

Warriors are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Warriors know the key to learning is being thrilled with the Holy Spirit teaching them.

Warriors know the key to their development and speed of growth is to be as enthusiastic about their identity as God is.

Warriors love who they are now as well as who they are becoming.

Warriors know their warrior spirit is God’s gift to them

Warriors know their warrior mindset is a gift back to God.

Warriors know a warrior lifestyle is their partnership together with God.

Warriors always focus their mindset on victory.

Warriors never allow the possibility of defeat.

Warriors know God’s language of intimidation is called worship.

Warriors know their intimacy intimidates the enemy.

Warriors know the enemy is afraid of rejoicing hearts.

Warriors know the enemy cannot stay in the presence of real praise.

Warriors know they already have the victory and that abiding is the key to experiencing it.

Warriors know that a mind set on abiding cannot be overcome.

Warriors’ personas are fully immersed in the spirit of thanksgiving.

Warriors know their standing unmoved unnerves the enemy.

Warriors live a life supremely unconcerned by darkness.

Warriors live lives that love the light.

Warriors know that patience is a weapon of mass demoralization to the enemy.

Warriors wait patiently by being active in worship.

Warriors wait patiently and love the simplicity of prayer.

Warriors are the hope of the nations.

Warriors change the history of people groups.

Warriors know God’s purpose is on earth as it is in heaven.

Warriors fully glorify God.

Warriors know the door to God’s secret place in the spirit for them.

Warriors know God’s heart in them opens the door for others.