Strategic Leadership Training

Strategic Leadership Training – A strategic approach to Warrior development

This Empowering Kingdom Influence grouping trains Warriors in how to experience personal growth while focusing on Strategic Leadership development. Leaders train in merging smaller team development with a 360* strategic view for a broader, multifaceted group. They explore outside of “typical business structures” and “traditional” markers of success. In doing so, these leaders learn to establish and expand kingdom focused infrastructure. At the same time, they train to recognize indicators of alignment with God’s direction and purpose for a group.

In the process, leaders improve by combining several areas:

  • Deepening relationship with God and stewarding the prophetic,
  • Innovation – from ideas to reality,
  • Encouraging a developmental Kingdom culture
  • Leading a group in growth and expansion (knowing when to build, establish and create)
  • Building a culture of honor (character development)
  • Identifying signs of stagnation and how to transition from old to new
  • Developing personal leadership confidence and style
  • Ability to practice and strengthen communication in multiple formats
  • Gain transferable skills that a build people and cultures of groups, businesses and ministries

These training areas allow you space to move beyond theory into activation. While training with people, on real time teams, you will enhance your leadership and perspectives. Strategic Leadership Training is available to Warriors who have trained in ALL other groupings of our Empowering Kingdom Influence Trainings. In addition, each shares an undeniable passion for TWC’s maturing process, even while participating in TWC’s training ground for their personal development.


Director training includes training in effective stewardship of an innovative Kingdom Culture. This “real time” training involves expanding capacity for relationship with God and personal growth as you lead. The Strategic Leadership training continues in internal training in TWC stewardship and external Fathering. In addition, you experience ongoing development for fine tuning leadership skills in one on one and team interactions.

In this age, few models exist for “how to” bring all community voices together to create a developmental Kingdom Culture. This Director team grows together as they train in the most effective leadership styles needed to encourage a culture of creative innovation for positive New Era outcomes. The training is ongoing and the training includes how to collect and connect puzzle pieces available for an unfolding strategic picture. Continual growth is sparked through Warriors within TWC, overcoming obstacles as innovation is applied, as well as establishing new revelation God gives for this day and time through all our Warriors.

These leaders train to balance space for Warriors to grow and practice their creative ideas, while also encouraging the momentum needed to establish those areas in this Tribe. To pioneer into new kingdom territory means the training ground continues to expand. So, you embrace the ongoing process of character growth, maturing, and expansion of leadership capabilities, growing in confidence while increasing in humility. In addition, you are training in how to hold “loosely” to your areas of focus while developing others to lead in those areas. Then, coaching them as they expand those areas.


Operations training within TWC helps administrative leaders move past a “check the box” mentality. It trains you in how your identity and relationship with God apply through practical support. This training brings the power of prayer and intercession to the forefront. In Operations training, you learn how to “operate” as a sentry or lookout, standing on the wall of intercession for a group. In addition, sensitivity training includes learning to identify areas in our Tribe that are in need of prayer cover.

You represent our culture as a first impression and are being equipped in how to bless people with purpose as they shift to focus in other areas. While supporting members and other leaders in different areas of training, operations leaders learn to foster Kingdom Culture strategically as they upgrade practical skills of others through team-oriented approaches and equipping calls. These practical experiences strengthen and develop the whole person, who is more than administrative gifts alone.

People in this training practice what it looks like to steward Kingdom Culture in a functional area of passion. Development comes through establishing ongoing support, prayer development, exploring improvements and streamlining developments. Training includes helping Warriors shift from “function only” thinking into relational “cross pollination.” In doing so, operations training sharpens your leadership development process of bringing heaven to earth in practical, yet innovative ways.

Administrators gain confidence in how to have a voice and how their voice matters. Because they are already wired for administration, they learn how to operate with a Kingdom Mindset while establishing Kingdom Culture and values through their equipping process. This process brings out leadership and vision opportunities and trains in intercession, vision, implementation of vision, voice, communication and ambassadorship for a group, which is transferable to many different applications in the world.

Lead Coaches

Lead Coaches train to enhance their ability to lead through support and expansion. Within this training, lead coaches are fine-tuning communication and developmental skills. This training helps leaders develop the ability to establish, expand and innovate in a specific area of passion. They train to bring others into a team approach, support other leaders in their development and understand how to best approach unexpected and untried expansion of a specific area of focus.

This training emphasizes interactive, communication skills. It also teaches leaders to help others lead. The training develops multiplication of leaders, rather than reproducing “mini me’s” of the lead coach. In addition, Lead Coaches training encourages how to further the Kingdom culture of our Tribe, while still creating space for a safe place to grow, make mistakes and dream.

The developmental process is transferable to other types of leadership. It can be applied in personal coaching, team oriented leadership, developing a developmentally focus group. Most also learn better communication skills, including developing training modules, writing for blogs, training, and/or books and how to facilitate an ever changing culture of growth.


This training includes team conversations to unpack deeper strategic vision. Using prophetic words related to TWC, vision is developed based on current experience in specific training groupings of TWC. This trains from a team approach and opens the door to a different way of implementing strategy and vision for a group. Each Warrior in this training has completed training in the other three groupings of Empowering Kingdom Influence. In addition, each Warrior maintains active involvement in stewarding and expanding a specific facet of our TWC culture.

This Warrior trains in representing Warriors in their areas of influence, gaining insight in how to bring those voices into the strategic conversations. They help develop indicators for recognizing lines of demarcation for TWC’s alignment and continued connection to the direction of God’s leading. These skills often transfer into their personal organizations and groups outside of TWC. They also use the training to bring together a Kingdom focused team approach knowing how to build a culture and manage change and transition in different stages of organizational growth.