Train and Grow as a Warrior

Discover and Grow in Your Identity and Commission
as you train and grow as a Warrior.

Train and Grow

The Warrior Commission partners with you and with God. We train through team mentoring, self-paced training modules, training calls, publications and more!

We help you define your identity, purpose, and destiny. Then, we help you live them out!

What does this mean? Most of our members experience more confidence in their ability to partner with God in intercession and as kingdom influencers. Whether that influence is global or close to home, you are valued! We help your kingdom voice get stronger so you can thrive and be empowered by the Lord.

Training modules are not the only way to connect. Build life giving friendships with people who are just as excited about God as you. Link arms with people who are passionate about their own growth and want to be a positive difference in their areas of influence.

What Equipping You Means – Confidence in Identity and Commission

Train and grow as a Warrior after God’s heart. Our member benefits are ongoing. Since 2011, our Warriors continue to step into new areas of strength. We see dead dreams come back to life. New dreams are discovered and activated. As we develop prayers that impact families, cities and nations and pray them together, we see heaven move on earth. But, more than that, we see people embrace powerful and life changing relationships with God. With your commission, connected to a limitless God, we believe equipping you opens you up to live what is possible for you.

A note about our training materials: 

Because we all have busy lives, much of our training is self-paced. Our specialty trainings include mentoring through a smaller team approach. In fact, the materials and training calls are created, designed and developed within The Warrior Commission (by and for our members). Equipping you includes two monthly publications for additional training and intercession options. In addition, we have multiple online groups for you to build relationships, train and/or connect with other Warriors across the world. 

Expanded Resources – books/CDs/MP3s: We often tap into supplemental materials by authors (outside of TWC) to enrich your current training. Because, Proverbs says there is wisdom in many voices, we include optional Christian based materials so you will have the benefit of multiple perspectives, counsel and wisdom. However, these resources do not add much overall to the cost of your dues and are available in electronic or hard copy formats.