TWC Training Modules

In Short

The Warrior Commission trains and equips you as a son/daughter of God. We are going after sonship, authority, and fullness. We find that when you walk in the authority of sonship God created you to carry, you will know the joy of living as one with the One. This is an ongoing process of growth where you mature in confidence in identity, commission, connection, spiritual fruit, and being champion of others. A lifestyle of Sonship is relational with God and others, knows how to pray without ceasing, carries authority and walks in maturity and fullness. Yes, all of these things are possible and available for you!

More Details

The Warrior Commission’s coaching and training modules encourage you as a Warrior Ambassador of God’s heart. We teach you to bring heaven to earth as you walk with God.

Intro and Foundations – The first series of TWC Training Modules are keys to your development. Each section is designed to make space for God to move in your life. They help you explore knowing deeper connection to God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You can take hold of God’s transformation process.

Beyond Into and Foundations, you move into a coached, hands-on Transitions Training that is tailored to help you navigate your next steps. Then you can explore…

Empowering Kingdom Influence Time to advance! Focused areas of training sharpen your equipping. Some are self-paced (for when you have a busier season of life) and others are team coached. With God’s direction, you choose what comes next. In the process, you further establish your identity and Kingdom voice as you live it out in an encouraging coaching format. These advanced training options help you expand and deepen in the Father, know who you are in Christ and connect with Holy Spirit. Topics include the following:

  • Three Way Listening (God, You and another)
  • Developing Your Kingdom Voice
  • Mining Inheritance Scriptures
  • Strategic Intercession
  • Being a Champion of Champions
  • Launch Charter Training – Bringing God’s dreams for you into reality
  • Developing your spiritual gifts and talents
  • Creating Kingdom Based Training/Writing
  • Elevating Your Administrative, Prophetic, Intercession and/or Leadership Gifts.
  • What to do with what you hear from God (Intel/Strategy)
  • Facilitating Kingdom Conversations
  • Diving deeper into being a carrier of Kingdom culture and values
  • The Armor of God and Intel Key Territories
  • Earthquake Proofing Yourself in God
  • Discovering what a commission really holds and how to live in it with God
  • Developing you in leadership, Kingdom voice, administrative training, hearing God and much more

A Deeper Look at Training Modules