TWC Training Modules

The Warrior Commission’s training modules focus on helping you be a Warrior Ambassador of God’s heart. You are learning to bring heaven to earth. TWC Training Modules are keys to your self-paced development. Each module is designed to make space for God to move in your life. They help you capture and navigate transitions that come through God’s continual transformation moving in you.

Specialty Training and Advanced Training takes it further. You practice what you learn with others as a focus. You establish your identity and Kingdom voice as you practice and live it out. These modules encourage you to deepen in the Father, know who you are in Christ and connect with Holy Spirit. Each module includes specific opportunities to grow and mature as you develop language to better capture who you are in your relationship with God.

All Warriors begin with Foundations Training Modules. Beyond the Foundations, we have many other Advance Training Modules (ATMs) and Specialty Trainings that explore more focused areas with God, including:

  • Who you are in God. Who He is.
  • Seeing through God’s heart
  • Developing your spiritual gifts and talents
  • Diving deeper into TWC’s promises as they relate to you
  • Mining Your Inheritance Scriptures
  • The Armor of God and Intel Key Territories
  • Deepening in your ability to consider and absorb scripture
  • Discovering what a commission really holds and how to live in it with God

Going through TWC’s training modules is one way God establishes His foundations and builds you up – May you be refreshed as you still yourself and know He is God.

Training Modules

TWC Training Modules