Completed Training and Transitions (Training Ebb)

Our process of growth is a combination of the following:

  • flows (when we are moving through our training modules)
  • ebbs (when we practice our training) and
  • transformation (when what we learned is truly a natural part of our lifestyle).

A part of our process of growth is in the transition which occurs in the ebbs. Times of transition are when what we have received in a flow and practiced in an ebb truly become an active part of our nature.  Transformation is occurred as we automatically go to the outcome of what we received through our encounters with God (without having to move consciously through the steps to get to the desired outcome).

For example:

  • In flow, we gain the understanding and revelation of instead – what God imparts to us.
  • In ebb, (transition) we practice using the insteads and consciously think about taking ourselves through the process of turning the negative to the instead; we begin living in alignment with that instead, embracing the tension and the change.
  • In transformation, we no longer think about the process.  We see the negative and immediately jump to the possibilities without thinking through it.

Although you may not master the fullness of your transformation in an ebb (transition) time, we want to take some time to establish your gains. The ebb is a 4-6 week time frame to hold the ground you have just taken through the training just completed. Foundations Stages have a shorter recommended ebb because of how they build on one another.  Once that foundation is fully laid, after Stage 6, a 4 to 6 week ebb is recommended.  You do have permission to take as long as you  believe is best for your Training Ebb as long as you have completed the recommended Ebb.

Training Ebb – Transitions between Trainings

Each Foundations, Specialty Training, Leadership Training, and Advanced Training are followed with a time of ebb and transition. In The Warrior Commission, our training enhances our process of growth.  We experience many different shifts in perspectives, mindsets, and language. 

  • For Foundation, Stages 1-5, your recommended Training Ebb (Transition) is 14 days.  Within that 14 days you will receive a response to your submission from a TWC Coach.
  • For Foundations Stage 6 and any ATMs, your Training Ebb is 4 to 6 weeks. You receive a response to your submission from a TWC Coach within 14 days, and then have extra time for practice and embracing your transitions.
  • For Specialty Trainings and Leadership Trainings, your Training Ebb is up to you, however, the recommended 4 to 6 weeks for process and transitions is a good practice here also.

Embrace this time before stepping into the next training focus. This time allows you to apply what you have learned and practice what that new lens looks like in your life.  You and Holy Spirit will know best when to step into the next training.  Part of your Ebb is settling in to that upgrade in knowing God’s heart and aligning with it.  Your TWC Coaches are available through email if you want to connect with one of them and process your transitions and the when and what of your next training.  

What follows is our suggestion on how to navigate this transition time.

Stepping into your Training Ebb

  • Be sure you’ve sent a copy of your completed Foundations Stages module, any ATM (Advanced Training Modules) to  You should receive a response from a coach within 14 days.
  •  For the first couple of days/weeks, just enjoy resting in God. Worship and relax as you think about how to apply your training.  Then, as you practice, you will begin to recognize you don’t have to concentrate on practicing. You are cementing in the Evidences of Transformation you received during the training. The revelation becomes part of who you are!  You have moved from ebb to transformation. This process has its own ebb and flow where you have space to love the learning and enjoy walking with God in it.

During this Transition Ebb – suggestions for How To

1. Focus on Your Warrior Notebook

This vital record keeps us from fighting the same fights again and again. Look under the TRAINING tab of the website under the Warrior Helps tab for Warrior Notebook. Read about it and reflect on the questions it poses, and write down your thoughts.

2. Focus on Worship

We take an annual Worship Ebb in Dec/Jan. But Worship is a priority in all our lives throughout the year. What are the upgrades in your worship now? How do you plan to expand or explore different ways of worshiping the Lord?

3. Establish Your Training Breakthroughs

You’ve had breakthroughs, but you are still establishing the territory of your Identity from your recent training. Allow time for these roots to take hold before galloping on to the next training focus. This is where you become what you have learned and practiced.  You have more of your new nature to adopt! What does the territory of a particular breakthrough look like? How can you partner with God for the establishing of it? The possibilities are so delightful!

4. Participation in Other TWC Activities 
  • YES! You are free to participate in other TWC activities during this time.
  • This is just a break from the training mindset and a shift to a more reflective one to establish your gains.
  • We look forward to your full participation in Intel Assignments, Team Calls, Specialty Trainings and other TWC opportunities.

Stepping out of Training Ebb and into your next Training

Keep in mind during your Training Ebb that, as with all of TWC, it is not about “arriving at perfect.”  Your Training Ebb is about focus so time and space is given  for process and establishing.  Enjoy this partnership with the Lord and you’ll know when to step into your next Training.

  • When you are ready for your next training, contact the Member Services Administrator at and let the administrator know which training you are requesting.