TWC Kingdom Culture

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The Warrior Commission is passionate to provide a place for people who want to live the life of a New Era, New Testament, spiritual Warrior.  We have specific assignments in the Kingdom we know are ours to pursue and expand. This is why  we can learn to live in a way that brings heaven to earth with each person we meet. What you invest in us as a Warrior EPIC Nation is also investing in your destiny.

We are a Warrior-EPIC Nation. Our commission helps you find, discover and live out your unique commission. We are a tribe that has a fierce love for God and trains to bring heaven to earth as Warrior Ambassadors of God’s love. The Warrior Commission is your story, and our journey together, to explore and establish Kingdom culture with God.


These are our shared Kingdom Assignments:

  • To develop New Testament mindsets, as Warriors and Champions, captivated by the majesty of God.
  • To live out of the overflow of God’s true nature while exploring His permission for deep, personal relationship with Him.
  • To develop and promote a dynamic relationship with God in others
  • To see an intentional New Testament Kingdom people emerge and overcome religious strongholds in perceptions, mindsets, language and actions.
  • To facilitate a lifestyle of joyful prayer, partnering with God to bring heaven to earth in the process.
  • To awaken, establish and equip a New Era prophetic people who:
    • Live prophetically inspired lifestyles
    • Are safe, impactful and focused
  • To encourage the maturing process of Kingdom lnfluencers who mentor through:
    • Awakening and empowering people in their true identities to take responsibility for their own development
    • Passion to see a Kingdom community emerge in any expression or location
    • Develop people in the mind of Christ focused on passionately pursuing God at all times.