Warrior Community Groups

Relationship is important to us. Along the way, Warrior Community Groups connections form when a group of individuals join together for a teaching. Listening to a message, sitting next to another person, does not create an environment for dynamic conversation. You might connect to what’s being taught, but you can feel disconnected to others around you.

Feelings of disconnect come because growth (transformation in Christ) is established as you talk about what you are discovering. As you put language to what God is doing, you suddenly realize more about it. You see how God is changing you from the inside out. People walking with you can help you realize the astounding majesty of God moving in you. You also gain confidence in God as you hear another talking their discoveries.

This is CoNexus – a synergy of hearts.

Stronger friendships with others are created as we share what’s happening in life and how God is moving in our hearts. In TWC, we have many different ways for you to connect with others, but our CoNexus Hubs are unique.

Warrior Community Groups develop heart to heart connections and deeper relationships. CoNexus provides a place to process what you have learned. You share your story and journey in the backdrop of conversations about strong character and value.

Most community groups are focused on a goal of study with social thrown in. Our groups encourage lasting friendships — friendships that go beyond the group. In addition, we have many other types of groups that give you more opportunities to connect. Find out more.

We are passionate to open space for connection in a Warrior Community Group that is a safe place to be you and to grow – where humility, joy for the journey, encouragement and being you are part of our culture.