Connect with like-hearted people

Boil TWC down to what motivates us – our why? Intimacy with God and heart felt connections with each other. This is a simple way to restate Luke 10:27. You can connect with like-hearted people who value you. TWC is a global community of believers who pray and train together to fully activate our identity in Christ. We want to help you get in touch with your true identity and live in your commission.

Our conversations are rich with encouragement, coaching and wisdom, as we walk step by step with God and each other. These are more than just words…we are a group of people who just want to live in all the promises Jesus spoke over us. We are drawn together by our passion to have relationship with God and move beyond a functional, performance driven life with others. We love kingdom coaching in identity and deeper connection with God and each other.


Here are different ways you can connect with like-hearted people and train with believers from around the world:

We believe each person has value and everyone is developing their Kingdom voice the Lord is developing. We believe what you bring to TWC is just as important as what you will gain through training modules, coaching and convos with others in TWC. In other words, if God brought you here, you are already accepted and embraced.

Proverbs says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. This means each person has something to add to our table – you included. We link arms together in today and tomorrow’s journeys. We also team coach. This means you will have multiple people speaking life over you, encouraging you in your training and development.

If you want to connect to our Youtube “Warrior Commission Now!” channel, you will find training and fun conversations, click here.

Connects with like-hearted people who value you.
We are in this together!