Beyond Limits Training

Beyond Limits Training (BLT) moves you from theory to activation. Explore with God to pour courage into others by using your Kingdom voice in various ways. You will learn to call others up to who they are in Christ and love them well from God’s heart for them. We designed Beyond Limits Training to take you beyond where you currently are to a place closer to God. The Beyond Limits Training encourages stronger alignment with His heart for you while you help others rise into the same with greater confidence. Each of these trainings has training modules, Warrior training calls, and coaching, both team and individual.

The prerequisite for each of these Trainings is the Dynamic Kingdom Interchange Specialty Training (DKI). For an overview of TWC’s many Training opportunities, check out the website page for Empowering Kingdom Influence.

Connection Ambassador Training

Connection Ambassador Training gives you an opportunity to practice sharing your heart and God’s heart with fellow Warriors through written word. You will learn to craft encouraging words to spark conversation and connection. In this way, you bring Kingdom Culture to others through written word.

How? We will coach your intentional connection with God’s heart and with the Warrior. As you train, you will step into a confident ability to bring Kingdom to earth in what you write. Training in written language opens up many different avenues for you to express God’s heart, including blog writing, articles, coaching, conversational Forum posts and encouragement for the body of Christ.

What happens

Each CA learns to communicate through their own voice – writing in an encouraging, grace-oriented style. Yet, because they interact with our members, they also encourage the Kingdom Warrior DNA of our Tribe. These Ambassadors train in how to encourage our culture and Kingdom lifestyle. Training in this area creates confidence in your ability to carry Kingdom Culture and facilitate group connections in many different areas of life.

The prerequisite for this BLT is Dynamic Kingdom Interchange. For more information about Connection Ambassador Training, If you are interested in finding out more, email Sharon Rudolph at the Coaches Gmail at

CoNexus Hub Facilitator Training – Year 1

CoNexus Hub Facilitators are a team of Warriors who Facilitate, lead, and love well. Training in how to encourage a group of warriors who are exploring connection within the TWC community. The training taps into receiving from other Facilitators and giving to others as Facilitator, all while partnering with Holy Spirit to stay centered in God’s heart for yourself and others.

These facilitators are equipping to encourage relationship building. As the Warriors in each hub have opportunities to connect with each other monthly, you learn to create momentum in conversations to help sharpen personal identity statements, craft Impact Prayers, and help each Warrior steward our TWC Kingdom Culture. In this training, you learn to be a connector and develop the art of facilitating group conversation.


This is a 1-year training begins with 4-week Facilitator module in July, at the beginning of the TWC Training Year. Then, once CoNexus Hubs begin meeting in August, you will continue training through June the following year. Upon stepping into this training, you commit to stay connected to your CoNexus Hub. Learning to be present, love well, and consider others more important than yourself is not something that can be learned academically; it is developed through ongoing practice.

If you are interested in finding out more about being a CoNexus Hub Facilitator and have completed Foundations, contact Debbie Engleman, Lead Coach, through the Coaches Gmail:

Engagement Facilitator

Engagement Facilitators develop their leadership skills by engaging Warriors in conversations in a conference call format. These leaders train to develop conversation topics as a starting point and way to process journey and story. Your role is not to “coach,” but to develop topics of discussion for your calls.

Your training includes coaching to help you develop topics/questions, create video introductions for the calls, facilitate the calls and explore the passion those topics in application to a Kingdom Warrior lifestyle. This is a fantastic training for those who want to take a step toward coaches training. In addition, this is also a training geared toward those who would like to be a part of coaches training, but are more limited in time.

Training for being an Engagement Facilitator is linked to a facet of Coaches Training. You train through monthly calls, from February-November, and participate in the Coaches CoNexus calls each month. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Sharon Rudolph through the Coaches Gmail at

Creative Innovation Training – Year 1

Creative Innovation Training is a Beyond Limits Training to bring your creativity to life. This is where we make space for you to practice bringing innovation to into reality. Consider this training a training as tailored specifically for you.

Many use this training to create modules/calls, but other creative innovations are welcome for us to explore for your personal training. This is also a training that Champion Advance! use to develop skills and strengthen in areas that are transferable to living out their Champion dream. In addition, those looking to train in blog writing, articles for publication and smaller projects that prepare you for writing and publishing books. Visual Arts can be brought into this training, as well.

What did Warriors Create?

Some of our most powerful trainings come from Warriors who took a deep breath and decided to try something they have never done. Some created Advanced Training Modules. Others developed mini trainings for calls. Some Warriors created worship or prayer calls and trained in how to lead those unique calls or mini training modules. Other Warriors have explored this training through creative writing of articles and blogs. We walk with you through the process as you train to create training. It’s been said, “The best way to see something deeply established in you comes in trying to teach it.”

Your passion

We tap into your heart for the training area/passion. It’s easy to know that, if what you are developing is an area of passion for you, you will persevere to see it birthed. Your passion and past breakthroughs are what Holy Spirit will bless. This overcoming provides an anointing that comes through in creative writing, developing training modules, worship expressions, etc. that you create to share with our Tribe. If you are passionate, deposit that passion into what you create and others will pick up on it. We are encouraging and empowering sons/daughters of God rise through it!

For information on Creative Innovations Training within TWC, contact the Coaches Gmail at

Coaches Afire Training – Year 1

Coaches Afire Training is a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your intimacy with God, your partnership with Holy Spirit, and your Kingdom Identity. You will explore new dimensions of the influence and impact your life in God can make in God’s Kingdom.

Coaches Afire Training – Year 1 is a journey of exploration into your identity, God’s heart, and your character as a Warrior. This training begins in August of each Training Year and finishes up in June of the following year. It includes 2 Modules: Kingdom Influence through the Written Word, and Kingdom Influence through Visual Media/the Spoken Word. 

What it includes

This training adventure is not just about being able to be a coach within TWC. The eleven months of training include activations where you partner with Holy Spirit in God’s development of you. As you learn to give away the unique treasure God has placed within you, your character is developed, and your commission comes more clearly into view. 

For more information about Coaches Training, check out this page here on the website:  Coaches Afire Training – Year 1