Decisions That Define Us!

The Decisions That Define Us are choices we have made to pursue the heart of God together. Each declaration reminds us of our choice to stay true to Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we love Him with all we are. They declare the desire we have to embrace all God has for us on this earth and to live fully in our Commission. (Luke 10:27)

The Decisions That Define Us are declarations drawn from our identity and values. These decrees are passionate statements we can speak out in prayer and as we stand in any battle ground.

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These are the Decisions that Define Us:

We have decided to…


Partner with God in our on-going growth as a Warrior Commission and to train in spiritual maturity and on the ground of prophetic intercession.

Be Champions who abide in the presence of God, empowering us to remain in His rest where we find love, resilience, fortitude, and endurance.


Lovers & Carriers

Exist as lovers of the nature of God and carriers of His joy.  

Experience Intercession that creates an atmosphere of partnership, intimacy, and majesty for the permission and provision of heaven to come to earth. It is where we are trained and prepared to become His beloved Bride, equipped to rule and reign with Him.


Consumed with Majesty

Be consumed with the majesty and sovereignty of God, rather than be distracted by the enemy.

Live as worshipping warriors – focused on joy, thanksgiving, and rejoicing.  Our key question under pressure is “What’s the level of worship needed for this battle?”

Worshipping Warriors

A Living Organism

Be a living organism, not an organization.  We have a Kingdom Identity as a community of Warrior friends ~ loving, living, and laughing together on our shared journey.

Accept our commission as “special forces.” We are a strike force like David’s mighty men who see the limitless possibilities of God become reality. We want this fight.

Special Forces

Living the Adventure

Recognize we are living an adventure with God, embracing times of adversity as opportunities for our growth and seeing the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living.

Steward our blessings and our training, not relying on others to pull us along in our development. We value intentionality with freedom.

Steward Intentionality
with Freedom

Visionary Community

Live as a visionary community focused on group mentoring and New Testament leadership valuing who we are in Christ.

Embrace resting in God is our greatest weapon.  We practice being still and knowing He is God.

Weaponize Rest

We Are and Are Becoming

Live “present-future” not “present-past.”.  Our lives are about who we are and are becoming, not who we have been or what we have done.  It is our joy to cooperate with the Spirit to bring what we will need tomorrow into today.

Pursue fullness, not measure.
> Praying like the adored people of favor that we are.
> Expect outcomes that are abundant beyond what we are asking.
> Believe it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.
> We are confident that God will withhold no good thing from those who walk in His ways!

Live in Fullness

Warrior Commission Now!