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  • Leadership in TWC
  • What is Connections Ambassadors?
  • What is a CoNexus Hub Facilitator and what do they do?
  • What is an Engagement Facilitator and what do they do?
  • What is an Intel Specialist?
  • What is a Coach?
  • Training Developers
  • Administrative/Graphics/Technical Support
  • Blog Writers

Leadership in TWC

Warriors influence the atmosphere around them. Through our training to upgrade and shift in the way we think and see things, we draw people to us who often comment…”There is something different about you.” We lead through our conversations, actions and lifestyle. All of us are influencers, which means all of us in TWC are showing leadership in and around us all the time.

We delight in exploration and development. We want you to stretch and move out of your comfort zone, which means our leaders are continually expanding in their capacity for the Lord. We also encourage the limitless possibilities and creative nature of God in our leaders.We have multiple areas of leadership development and training. Most are available through invitation and others are opened through the process of simply saying, “yes!”

Leadership in TWC is about serving, training and launching others, rather than a title to be achieved. Your value comes from who you are not what you do. 

If you are interested in exploring one of these roles further, you can send your comments/questions to the emails listed in each section.

What is Connections Ambassadors? 

Connections Ambassadors offer a way we reach out directly to members within our Warrior Tribe. They send out emails directly to Warriors in TWC several times a year. Through this process, each CA learns to communicate through writing in an encouraging, grace oriented style. Yet, because they interact with our members, they also encourage the Kingdom Warrior DNA of our Tribe.  These Ambassadors have coaches who walk along side them and work with them as they learn more about how to encourage our culture and Kingdom lifestyle. If you are interested in finding out more, contact your coaches at twc.warriorepic.@gmail.com.

What is a CoNexus Hub Facilitator and what do they do?

CoNexus Hub Facilitators host small relational groups. They serve as point people for the group and help determine the focus for the next call. Even though these groups are relational in make-up, these leaders tap into the current prophetic words in our community as a central hub for conversation starters. These facilitators learn how to encourage relationship building as Warriors in each hub have opportunities to connect with each other on a monthly basis. These groups are relational in nature and the Facilitator commits annually to hosting the group for one year. In addition to developing deeper friendships with these Warrior Buddies, the conversations will help develop/sharpen personal identity statements, craft Impact Prayers, and learn more about how to unpack revelation as the group stewards our community-wide prophetic words.

What is an Engagement Facilitator and what do they do? 

Engagement Facilitators develop their leadership skills by engaging Warriors in conversations in a conference call format. These leaders develop conversation topics to serve as a starting point and way to process journey and story.  Their role is not to “train” as much as to facilitate conversations on their calls. They have a coach who helps them develop topics/questions, create video introductions for the calls, facilitate the calls and explore the passion those topics have in their lives. They hold calls monthly from February-November and have team calls once a month.  If you are interested in finding out more, contact your coaches at twc.warriorepic.@gmail.com.

What is an Intel Specialist?

An Intel Specialist is someone who has completed the Intel Development Training process and continues to support Intel in TWC. These specialists may add to the Blueprint development in many different areas such as forming the crafted Prayers of Impact, prophetically assessing and building on the prophetic Intel gathered, and/or actually writing some or all of the prophetic Blueprints. Intel Specialists also train others in Intel and/or serve as dedicated intercessors for TWC. If you have completed IDT and are interested in finding out more, please email twc.intel@gmail.com.

What is a Coach?

A coach in TWC is someone who has a passion to encourage people in their process of growth. As a coach, you are in a specialized training track in TWC. You will have specific areas of ongoing training in leadership communication, facilitating conversation as a leader, how to develop training, and how to live in and activate your leadership identity in Christ. As a coach, you will also be coached, having your own on-going, personal and team coached experiences.

Some of our coaches are more general coaches and others specialize in certain areas. However, all coaches share a passion to see others rise and are actively focused on pouring into our Warrior Tribe. They train through invitation, reframing, testimony, revelation gained through their own journeys and through learning to ask powerful questions, rather than giving you “answers.” But, each one is also learning, upgrading, being stretched and learning how to multiple themselves as leaders in the body of Christ.

For more information contact your coaches at twc.warriorepic.@gmail.com.  Applications are due by May 10th of each year.

Training Developers for Self-Paced Modules

The Warrior Commission continues to mature and, as we do, we discover more revelation to include in our training. We continue to refine it as we upgrade and expand the training we offer our members. In addition, the Lord creates a unique training format that He works through to bring transformation into our lives.

After completing Foundations and some of our Specialty Training/Advanced Training Modules, some of our Warriors are interested in learning how to develop process based training modules for our self-paced training.  These developers are committed to learning how to create this type of training format.

They usually have an area of passion, supported by personal depth and Kingdom perspective, to share with others through this written format. These Developers have coaches who walk along side them as they stretch their wings and learn how to put together the unique elements of our training modules. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a Training Developer, contact christine.casten.twc@gmail.com.

Administrative/Technical/Graphics Support

The Warrior Commission has many moving parts. We have a  tremendous opportunity for those who have a passion to serve and grow in these areas. TWC values your wiring and, whether behind the scenes or visible, it takes all of us to link arms and advance into new territory together. We are always excited to find those with Adminstrative gifts who want to help behind the scenes and pour into our community. These Warriors volunteer their time and talents through a variety of skills. As they do, they become leaders who explore the ideas and creative process through technical skills, maintaining member support, graphics and the process of supporting the growth of our TWC Tribe. For more information and how you can help, contact twc.memberservices@gmail.com.

Blog Writing

We have a public blog that features the stories and journeys of our Warrior Tribe.  Through it, we share the upgrades and new ways we living out our Warrior lifestyle. In these blogs, you cover how your perspectives have shifted and how you have learned how to partner with the Lord in your process of growth. These blogs are ongoing. If you want to be a writer, then this is a great place to practice and learn. If you are a writer, then let’s share your journey and story to encourage others! And…we have editors and will work with you to help organize and develop what is written.

We have some members who write every other month and others who send in blogs periodically throughout the year. We would love to add yours to our blogs!  We provide support, training, editing and encouragement for your writing and expression. If you would like to practice, develop and share your journey in a blog format, connect through this email, christine.casten.twc@gmail.com.