What is New Era?

We are in a time like no other. Most across the body of Christ agree God is shifting things for us. The Church is in transformation. This means we are seeing and experiencing many transitions in life around us. This time contains a new move of God. It carries things from the past; foundations God’s established. It is also a new landscape we are just beginning to explore.

New Territory

The new territory is open. We Warriors of The Warrior Commission have stepped into it. Yet, we have just begun to explore what it is and contains. This is the New Era, a new time in God’s book for us, the Church and the world.

Transformation Brings Transition

Anything God created can be transformed. Anything that is transformed will change and go through transition. Why? Because we change when God transforms us. For us personally, as transformation is established in us, we have things we will leave, take with us, receive from Him and find – new things to pick up as we enter each new upgrade and landscape. Other times, God changes the era and seasons, which means we have to lay down what isn’t for today and embrace what is preparation for how God is moving now in this day and age.

God is gracious and does not step on our free will. He does not force us to come with Him. He does offer us invitations and passionately embraces us as we agree to enter into His journey, plans and purposes.

Time of Shift

We are in a time of shift now. God prepares His people for the journey. We all have a choice. Will we, the majority of the Church, stay here or will we go into the new landscape God has prepared us to enter? The Warrior Commission said, “Yes, we will go.”

God’s Offer and Our Request of God

A long time ago, The Warrior Commission asked God for the honor of making maps into unknown spiritual territories. To grant that request, we have gone through, and will continue to go through, some incredible maturing and transition. In short, God granted our request.

Maps and Intel Blueprints

Yet, we have much to learn, map out and share with others as they choose to step off the old gate (watch video), cross the bridge and transition into this New Era landscape. Intel Blueprints created in TWC for leaders in the body of Christ contain some of these maps. Other maps are drawn as we explore Kingdom culture and practice bringing heaven to earth in TWC. We train to remain passionate for all our own growth and discovery in God. As we train, we develop Warrior mindsets (see Warrior EPIC page) so we can love greatly and live out of God’s nature. We hope to help individuals, groups and tribes transition into what God has on hand for this time.

Humility and Priveledge

This passion to draw these maps and explore is a place of humility for what we get the privilege to experience with Him and others. It’s how we get to give back and prepare the Bride of Christ for her Groom. This means God continually transforms our Warriors and our Warrior EPIC Nation. We are on a journey and are forerunners for what God wants to establish on earth. As God transforms us, we understand the transitions needed and can help others in their own transformation process – We are transition specialists!

This Two Gates video below gives a great overview of what is happening prophetically. We capture Byron Easterling’s prophetic understanding as he shares more about entering into this New Era. The New Era: Relationship is Key dives into going beyond “the meeting” focused culture into a heart driven culture – moving past task oriented conversations and finding out about the real goal in this new Kingdom era.