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Our commission helps you discover and live in your God-given identity and unshakable purpose in Christ.

We see TWC Warriors step into new areas of strength because we emphasize growth in and with Christ Jesus for the purpose of establishing His Kingdom on earth. We invite you to grow in intimacy with God. Discover and walk in your true identity in Jesus and connect to deeper, heart-felt relationships with others who encourage and equip you to live a life of fullness and purpose.

Our Commission is to help you find your unique commission in God! You are invited to explore God’s heart with us as you dive deeper into the Bible through our training. We often see dead dreams come back to life. New dreams are discovered and activated. We believe you can develop and grow in a way that impacts families, cities and nations as heaven moves on earth. But, more than that, we believe you will learn to embrace powerful and life changing relationships with God and others. With your commission, connected to a limitless God, we believe equipping you helps you live all God’s heart has for you. We believe it’s possible for you to find your Warrior Commission! Join now.

(The Warrior Commission was formerly known as The Warrior Class).

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