Kingdom Culture Team Training

Kingdom Culture Team Training (KCT) is a collection of team training opportunities. This team of Warriors actively engaged in living out Kingdom Culture. These trainings are all about developing and establishing Kingdom Culture as a team. In the process, you learn to be present as who you are in Christ. At the same time, you intentinally choose to connect with God’s heart to bring His Kingdom to Earth. As safe places to practice, these teams grow and develop Kingdom Culture concepts through real experiences. The training encourages you to increase your identity confidence and character as Sons & Daughters of God in Christ.

For an overview of TWC’s many Training opportunities, check out the website page for Empowering Kingdom Influence.

Intel Ambassadors
Developing a Kingdom Culture of stewarding strategic intercession

Spiritually, these ambassadors are scouts who discover what happens when Warriors train on the ground of intercession with the Lord. On this team, you capture strategic Intel and prophetic information to put it into formats we can all steward. Specifically, you train to hit the intercession targets in the area of Impact Prayers and Blueprint creation. An Intel Ambassador is someone who has completed the Intel Development Training process and continues to support Intel in TWC.

This Kingdom Culture team training coaches Warriors “behind the scenes.” But, you will actually train on the spiritual front lines as a special forces group with a passion for Intel. Each Warrior will have some proficiency in the prophetic, but all are learning and developing in this area, too. It’s a real time, specialty training. Each Intel Ambassador processes our Intel and helps create Blueprints, learning to steward the prophetic and dive deeper into intercession. Intel Ambassadors also train others in Intel and/or serve as dedicated intercessors for TWC.

Intel Development Training is the first step on this journey. After taking IDT, you can explore continued training as an Intel Ambassador. To learn more, go to the Intel Ambassadors page on this Website under the Intercession Tab or you may email

Kingdom Administration
Training to bring Kingdom Culture in Operations, Systems and Process

How does a Kingdom Culture team train through administration? This team of Warriors partner with the Operations Manager of TWC and Intel Ambassadors facilitate administrative activities. Walking with God in any administrative or support activity develops spiritual muscle memory and authority while helping strengthen discernment in prayer and Kingdom partnership with God.

This training encourages maturing in God while practicing how to establish The Warrior Commission (and other groups) in the next spiritual territory. Transition for a broader culture requires shifts in processes. Learning how to develop processes that support Kingdom Culture applies across a broader spectrum of groups. Warriors apply administrative gifts, while developing leadership skills to map out cultural transition and manage expansion and change.

Warriors train in the process establishing ongoing support, prayer development, exploring improvements and streamlining processes. Training includes helping Warriors shift from “function only” thinking into relational “cross pollination.” As they do, they become leaders who explore the ideas and creative process through technical skills, maintaining member support, graphics and the process of supporting the growth of our TWC Tribe, while being coached.

In doing so, operations training adopts a leadership development process of bringing heaven to earth in practical, yet innovative ways. This team gives Warriors an opportunity to use their gifts and talents behind the scenes in TWC. While training relationally with other Warriors, through monthly meetings and individual coaching, you will train to steward strategically. Contact Mary Reese, our Operations Manager at for more information.

Champion Advance!
Kingdom Culture Team Training – Dreams Become Reality as Champions Raise Up Champions

Once Champions Training is completed, each Warrior is now preparing to live out their God given dream. You have the opportunity to step int a training that includes activation and encouragement to see your Champion sized God dream lived out. This includes focused development through your areas of passion with God. As your unique dream comes to life, you train to be a champion for others. Whether your dream is focused within TWC, or outside of TWC, we find ways in TWC for you to practice skills and additional training needed to see this dream become reality.

The coaching encourages your growth and helps you clarify the mile markers in your journey. Then, this team of Champions helps you navigate and overcome challenges you face in seeing it come to life. These Warriors meet to discuss God’s heart to be a Champion of others. In addition, you are coached to map out your Champion Dream charter to help it become real.

We just launched 2 Trainings in 2023

Earthquake Proofing Your Foundation in Jesus

This training is a deep dive into the foundations of our lives built upon the Rock of Jesus. As the world increases in turbulent times, and we are shaken to our core, we find our absolute core in Jesus. In our God who cannot be shaken. In our God Who is the way, the truth, and the Life.  We sharpen our focus on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.

Launch Charter Training

Launch Charter Training was developed as a next step after completing Champion Training. We are discovering greater clarity of the rights, permissions, and authority bestowed upon us by God. He is catapulting us into the uncharted territory He has given us in accordance with the dreams of His heart.

For more information about Champions Alumni, email Kathy Brown, Director of Advanced Training at the Coaches Gmail address:

Coaches Afire (Coaches Afire Training – year 2+)
Establishing a Kingdom Culture Through Teams

Afire – Lighted up by or as by fire or flame. (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.)

(153) Jesus Culture – Set A Fire (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

Your fire sparks the fire in others that they may not even know they have. Your fire creates the atmosphere for the fire of other Warriors to burn more brightly than they believed possible.

Once Coaches Afire Training – Year 1 is complete, you may step into the ongoing Coaches Afire Team Training. Coaches Afire is a team of Coaches who train in Kingdom Culture leadership and undergird Warriors within TWC all the while saying yes to God’s fire within themselves. As part of this team, you continue training in real time activation as part of a rotation of coaches who embrace the fire of God in their lives and intentionally explore God’s heart in that fire. This activation-focused training covers many areas of our Tribe – through Calls (Training or Engagement) and with written words (through email and training submission responses), along with opportunities to write articles for TWC publications exploring your personal richness and creativity. All these possibilities are designed for you to spark and fan the flame of fire in others giving away what God has given you.

In addition, this team meets monthly to grow in their personal God-fire development in TWC culture and TWC coaching. Coaches Afire Warriors receive one on one monthly mentoring calls from TWC Lead Coaches. This mentoring is just one aspect of this team dynamic that tailors your training and development in areas of your personal leadership style along with deeper exploration of your identity and passions.

You are invited to come and hone your skills and gifts as an influencer in God’s Kingdom. Come and explore. The yearly commitment is full of God’s goodness for you as you embrace expansion of your gifts, voice, talents, identity, and Sonship in Father God’s family Kingdom business. This training can be applied in many different areas of life. Including: Leadership skills, managing culture and change, developing new areas, expansion, personal development, development/coaching of others, how to take ideas into reality, personal character development, and much more.

For more information about Coaches Afire, check out the Coaches Afire Training page on this website. You can also email Sharon Rudolph, Director of Member Development, at the Coaches Gmail address:

CoNexus Hub Facilitator (Year 2+)
Developing Kingdom Culture by Facilitating Deeper Relationships Through Values and Character

After your first year training as a CoNexus Hub Facilitator, you have the opportunity to continue training. By continuing, you have all the benefits of the CoNexus Hub Facilitator training calls, plus the one-on-one mentoring by a TWC Coach. Each year you will have a new group of Warriors to get to know and support. You will experience new challenges and upgrades for yourself as you embrace and practice the TWC Culture in community.

Facilitating a CoNexus Hub means you are learning to cultivate a culture of connection as you encourage those Warriors. It’s more than introducing someone to another person, it’s an immersion in stewarding conversations that help strengthen values and stronger character. It’s been said transformation is established through relationship and conversation. You are learning to encourage this process, while also experiencing it in your life. You receive from the wisdom, experience, and relationship with God of others. This training prepares you for interaction with others in many ways. Examples include: Fostering character growth in others, facilitating interactive conversations that bring Kingdom Culture into reality, facilitating a panel of speakers, bringing cross pollination for solid relational connections, and pulling out stronger, deeper value conversations with others. Find out more: Other Opportunities for You 

To continue as a CoNexus Hub Facilitator, simply contact Debbie Engelman, Lead Coach, through the TWC Coaches Gmail account:

Creative Innovation Training (Year 2+)
Encouraging and Fostering Innovation in Kingdom Culture

Upon completion of year 1 of Creative Innovation Training, each Warrior has the opportunity to stay with this team of creatives. The training includes conversations, activation and exploration of what it means to be a New Era Creative in the Kingdom of God. Staying with the team gives each Warrior connections with others who embrace TWC’s Kingdom Culture to keep your iron sharp.

It also opens the door to many different types of innovation to bring God dreams into reality. This training allows you to consult in a team environment with others while putting your creativity to practice. Learn to stimulate ideas and help you troubleshoot to bring creative expression into reality. You will learn the fine art of being a creative influence while making space for the creative process for others, whether inside or beyond TWC. Examples include developing training modules, learning to facilitate calls, creating new training and expression through the creative process, worship, application of prayer projects and art that capture specific values and images in TWC. This is transferable as you learn to take thoughts into tangible training, bring people into the development through it and/or establish Kingdom Culture through your creative expression – imagery and/or writing.

If you would like to practice, develop and share your journey as a Creative Warrior, connect through this email,