Foundations, Stages 3-6 – Intimacy and Identity

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Congratulations! You’ve gathered all your tools to dive into TWC Foundations, Stages 3-6!

On this page:

  • Transitioning from Foundations Stage 1 and 2 (New Member Process) to Foundations 3-6 (What to do now)
  • Starting Your Training – Reframing Challenges
  • TWC Notebook
  • Points to Remember
  • FAQs for Foundations Stages 3-6

Note: We are in the process of upgrading our training. If you began Level 1 before October 2018, you are welcome to complete it, but we ask it be completed no later than July of 2020.  It’s time to focus our coach and training support on one area of training instead of two. For those who have completed Level 1, you are welcome to go through any or all of Foundations, Stages 3-6 as Advanced Training Modules.

Transitioning from Foundations, Stages 1-2 (New Member) to Stages 3-6

What to do now

  • Once you have finished any training level or module and had a time of transition, contact Member Services at to request your next training level/module. To learn more about transition, go to the Completed Trainings and Transitions tab under HOW WE TRAIN.
  • Order the Training Level materials
  • Create a Warrior Journal for all your training (see below)
  • Start Foundations, Stage 3 Training
  • What to do when you complete a training module.

Starting Your New Training – Foundations, Stages 3-6

Once you receive your training from Member Services,, read through the packet and order any of the supplemental materials you need. We set it up as a self-paced training because we value process and trust Holy Spirit to help you pace. We do put suggested timeframes on the training. These are not hard and fast deadlines. They are there to help. Some people also like an idea of how to pace their training and having a timeframe helps.

  1. Stuff happens — Unexpected things happen in life. Sometimes God says to wait and focus on a certain area of your training before moving forward. Other times, God asks you to focus on something outside of your training for a bit and then takes you back to it with an upgraded perspective.
  2. Time Management — The important thing to remember is to be consistent in your time with Him. If you have 10% of your time to devote to your training in TWC, then spend 100% of that 10% focused on TWC! We have also found taking a moment to ask God to prioritize your day will help things fall into place.
  3. WOW, I feel so stretched! – The training is designed to stretch you. It is created with a format that opens your conversation with God in ways most of us have not explored. The training facilitates your growth, but, ultimately, God is the one who works through it to bring transformation to you life.
  4. I want it all! I don’t want to miss anything — Sometimes, it is easy to get stuck in the training. By this we mean, you want to capture everything you can and have trouble wrapping it up to bring it to completion. We have found God trains us in a spiral journey up the mountain.  That means you will come back around to these things later down the road. So, consider that submitting this training takes a snapshot of where you are in your process now. Then expect God will continue to expand and build on it.
    • For example, identity statements: You will begin the process of developing your identity statements in this part of your training, but you will continue to develop more along the way. Some of the statements will be matured and expanded. New and better words will replace original ones.
    • God will also add new identity statements as He refines and expands your understanding of how He sees you.  This is just the beginning of your training and there are many more things to explore along the way.

TWC Notebook

Our members have said creating a Warrior Notebook is extremely helpful. Many have different sections that include the different training modules they have completed along with a section with processing questions highlighted on the Warrior Journal page. With the training, itself, most have found it is best to make notes as you go. If you keep it on your computer – back it up. Technology is a battleground! Every thing we do is a process, so you’ll be collecting pieces throughout your journey… and this will help you keep them. Add any other sections that are helpful to you. It will also become a significant encouragement when you see how far you’ve come! Create sections/tabs for:

  • Foundations, Stages 1-6
  • Evidences of Transformation
  • Warrior Journal
  • Crafted Prayers
  • Inheritance Words
  • Calendar

This is one suggestion.  Some members prefer to have different colored notebooks or create folders/files in their computer. Others use different apps to keep it organized. Whatever way you choose to organize your training, remember that you will need to submit it to our coaches in a way they can read and respond to it, using the templates that are included in your training modules. They enjoy the opportunity to celebrate your gains and encourage your growth in the Lord.

When A Foundations Stage is completed and while you are in your transition time:

Congratulations on the completion of this training.  Look at what you are to submit from your training. Collect it together in one document and send it to the coaches at in a Word document format. (Please send the completed submission as one piece and do not send it in sections) Unless we are on a Worship Ebb, you can expect to receive feedback within 14 days. As you wait: Take a look at some of your Evidences of Transformation since you joined TWC. Your Evidences of Transformation are located at the end of each training.

  • Consider posting on our TWC Facebook as you transition to your next training.
  • What have you enjoyed in this training?
  • What Evidences of Transformation, thinking, language, actions, etc., are you seeing already?
  • Jot these notes in your Evidences of Transformation section in your notebook.
  • We would love to get to know you more and what you are encountering.


  • Foundations, Stages 3-6 is a journey, not an assignment to be completed.
  • Review the additional resource support under this tab.
  • Your current version of your Identity Statement is only a start – don’t wait to get it “perfect” before beginning to write it.

Budget your time: Where do you think you want to be in 3 months? 6 months? 9 months? The assignments are not extensive, but the process is. Your initial thoughts are road markers and can be adjusted, but enjoy being intentional about how you think you want to make this journey so you can practice along the way.

FAQs for Foundations Stages 3-6

Questions you may have:

Q: I am in Level 1 now, should I finish it or start over with Foundations Stage 3?

A: That is actually up to you. If you began Level 1 before October 2018, we would encourage you to complete Level 1. You have already invested time in it and we do not expect you to begin the process again at Stage 3. If you have completed Level 1, Stages 3-6 can be treated as Advanced Training Modules (ATMs). When used as ATMs, the Stages may be requested in any order.


Q: I am about to start Foundations Stages 3-6. Can I request Stage 6 before I complete Stage 3?

A: The Foundations Stages are designed to build on the ones before. They tap into the prior trainings and build on them, so they should be experienced in order, from 1 through 6.


Q: I just completed the transition time following Foundations Stage 2. Where do I request Foundations Stage 3?

A: Contact our administrator at This is where you will make all your requests for your next training modules.


Q: I want to contact a coach with a question. How do I do that?

A: All members (new and veteran) can contact a coach at If you are in a specialty training and have a question specific to that training, contact the specialty coaches through the champion or intel Gmails provided by those coaches.


Q: If I am interested in participating in specialty training or in a leadership role in TWC, at what point in my Foundations training can I experience those additional training opportunities?

A: As an authentic part of our training, we encourage you to focus on making sure you are developing a solid grounding in the Foundations Stages 1-6 first, before trying to take on other types of training or leadership roles. Therefore, you would need to complete all 6 Stages before exploring other TWC specialty training or leadership roles.


Q: What is the timeframe of completion for each Foundations Stage?

A: The Foundations Stages have varying timeframes. We develop our training with planned opportunities for conversations and exploration with the Lord. We would encourage you not to rush through these Stages and miss the chance to connect to God and what He wants for you in each one.

  • Foundations Stage 1 is 2 months
  • Foundations Stage 2 is 2 months
  • Foundations Stage 3-6 is where our self-paced training begins to lengthen in to a more normal training module pace and has an approximate timeframe of 3-6 months for each stage.


Q: I would be interested in looking over what each Foundations Stage 3-6 covers. I have completed my Level 1 but am interested in using one of these Stages as an Advance Training Module. Where would I find out about each one? 

A: We are including the overview of the information for Stages 3-6 on the website. Look under the TRAINING tab, Foundations, Stages 3-6, then Purpose, Mindset, Organization for more information. Then request your training from