Ways to Connect

Developing Strong Warrior Connections

The Warrior Commission is made up of incredible people. The similar journey and like-minded connections can be strong and long lasting.  Here are a few helps to boost your Warrior connections.

  • Your part
  • Developing strong Warrior relationships
    • Engagement Calls
    • Forum
    • CoNexus Hubs
    • Regional and Annual Training Days
    • Warrior Buddies
    • Warrior Gatherings
  • Further thoughts and helps


Our Warrior Tribe is all about processing journey and story together.

As a Warrior Tribe spread across the globe, we get to be creative and develop a mindset of connection. We have many opportunities for you to connect, in fact, THIS IS YOUR ONGOING, OPEN INVITATION to “get your brave on” and make some connections! 

As a Warrior with the mindset of a Warrior, we expect you to be proactive and not wait to be chased down. 

We rely on YOU to connect to TWC.

As Warriors, we think…“I bet the warriors on this call/at this meeting will connect to my warrior nature! They want to brag on God and so do I!  I’m so excited to learn what will be shared and share what He has placed on my heart. I wonder how God will strengthen my Warrior Mindset today?”

We intentionally overcome lies of not enough/not accepted from the past and embrace joy for our journey with the Lord and this stellar tribe of warriors.

What does this mean?

Synergy and Acceleration happens through chats with like-minded warriors about our upgrades, training, grit, determination and deeper connection with God’s heart. Many times, we meet warriors through conversations on our Forum, Training Calls, and Engagement Calls.

Want more direct connections?

TWC has the authentic value that you GET TO take responsibility for your journey.

It is up to you to connect, seek out and/or participate.

Most of our closest warrior friendships have come through “getting our brave on” and contacting to that person through direct message after having a Forum conversation or after a TWC Call.

The Warrior Commission does provide connection points through our calls, Forum and Conferences/gatherings, but you are the one who will choose to pour into and develop stronger friendships along the way. We do not share emails with our membership, so the best way to connect is to go through our Forum direct message option. See below for some more options!

Developing Strong Warrior Relationships

We are always looking for creative ways to help you connect. Outside of Forum and Training Calls, we have some other thoughts to help you. Each of these areas offer different ways to build friendships within Warrior Commission.

Engagement Calls:  These calls are an invitation to engage in processing and activating your training through a specific topic of focus. i.e. How we live out what we have just learned (or are learning).

The calls open the door to share story and journey.  They generate questions to propel you deeper and ideas to hold sustained transformation. The calls are an exchange of ideas for developing the lifestyle of a warrior. They have a point person who acts as a facilitator (not a coach or trainer).  The Engagement Calls will have a purpose of connecting through passion/topic. To join one, look for them in your Events tab on you Forum profile.

Forum: Our Website Forum is a major resource for connection. Staying connected on the Warrior Chat Group and with Frontline and Warrior Update publications will help you stay the most updated and informed.

Our private website Forum page is for members only. It is a place for great dialogue, powerful questions and resources specific to your TWC training, intercession and connection. Staying connected on the Warrior Chat Group and with Frontline and Warrior Update publications will keep you stay the most updated and informed. Once you set up an account for membership on the website, you will have access to the Forum.

The Warrior Chat Group allows us to chat and unify as a community, create a platform for training and open conversation. We have posted in this group Fire Starter questions, Intel, events, publications, real time live videos, pre-recorded videos, recorded calls and Impact Prayers from our prophetic Blueprints. All geared to spark conversation and connection between you and fellow Warriors within our community.

CoNexus Hubs:  These groups allow you to engage with a smaller group of Warriors for relationship building and conversations centered around our TWC Kingdom Culture. 

These groups meet monthly and are available once you complete Foundations, Stage 2. The dates/times these groups meets are interspersed throughout each week of the month and morning and evening, so you have options to find the best fit for your schedule. Contact the coaches gmail if you are interested in connecting to a CoNexus Hub.

Regional and Annual Warrior Training Days (Conferences): Training Days are a time when we get together, face to face, build relationship and train. Typically, the event(s) includes at least one TWC Director, who develops and facilitates the focus for the day.

  • Commission Now! Events – (Bi-Annual/All TWC): If you can only come to one…come to THIS one!  This bi-annual event is the biggest event we hold. It will meet in different geographic locations and typically lasts for 3 days. This event includes breakouts, training for our leaders, worship, special guests, prophetic insight, activations and opportunities to hear from many different voices in TWC. Guests are welcome, as long as we have room for all our members, first! (link here to find out dates, times and location)
  • Regional Events: The Face2Face events are facilitated and mix relational connection with activation. These are located in different geographic regions where we have larger groupings of Warriors, although they are always open to warriors who live outside of that region.  They are typically open to friends, family and guests. See the Access/Special Events to find out about one near you.  If you would like to host a Regional Event, please contact us at twc.memberservices@gmail.com.

Warrior Buddies: Many of our veteran Warriors have one or more Warrior Buddies. This creates a great place to discuss journey and story. Some will have a group for a season while others will form relationships that continue. We often get feedback about the acceleration and deep friendships that come in these relationships. One perfect place to find a Warrior Buddy is in our CoNexus Hubs.

Each of these relationships are up to our warriors to make and are not official connections made by The Warrior Commission. For more information link here.

Warrior Gatherings:  Sometimes our Warriors want to meet face to face. These gatherings are times of connection with fellow Warriors who live in a centralized geographic area.  They are informal and typically happen at a restaurant.

Many of these gatherings meet on a consistent basis, such as monthly or quarterly.

The Warriors who come to these gatherings have the opportunity to meet face to face, brag on God, laugh (a lot) and connect with each other.  In addition, many often walk away with new ideas on how to activate in our Warrior lifestyle of transformation.

These gatherings are not official TWC trainings (like our Commission Now! or Regional Gatherings), but are a time for our members to see each other and share some of what each has gained.

*As we’ve noted, the Gatherings and Buddies are not official TWC groups. TWC is not able to endorse a “buddy,” nor is there a formal/official structure or training through these groups. We are simply sharing what some of our veteran members have explored and found valuable. But, as always, use wisdom and caution in face to face connections.

Further Thoughts and Helps

We do suggest those participating, frame the concept of TWC buddies in a way that accurately reflects the culture of TWC.  We all come from many different backgrounds and experiences, so this will give you a common foundation for this concept.

Our “Decisions That Define Us” and Values often serves as a guide:

According to Veteran Buddy Experiences, here are some GREAT ways for you to connect with your buddy or any TWC group:

  • Come together prepared to participate in what God is doing in each of your lives.
  • Share insights, breakthroughs and discoveries that you are having. Celebrate these with each other.
  • Share the area of process you are in and then look together for who God is to you in it. How is it connecting to your TWC Training? Keeping in mind, it’s our daily experiences that are our training and proving ground for our learning.
  • If there are areas of challenge, speak God’s provision, promises, “insteads,” and opportunities. Have a list of each other’s Inheritance Word scriptures.
  •  Encourage one another and rejoice in what God is doing and in what God is about to do.
  • Share your identity statements and have them with you during Buddy times because this is what you will be calling each other up into. Develop a “file on your friends” for your Buddy, which includes their identity statement, who God is for them and specific scripture of promise that goes with it.
  • Use every adversity as an opportunity to see something about the nature of God that you’ve not seen before.
  • Consider smaller groups of 3 (probably no more than 4) instead of just one buddy. Explore new connections periodically, while maintaining the buddies you have.

For more information click here for a Possibility verses Problem Focused conversation.

There are lots of veteran TWC Warriors who have traveled this road for several years now.  Our information here is based on their experiences, of learning what was helpful… and what was not.

We’re excited for the possibilities of Engagement Calls, Commission Now! events, Regional Gatherings, Gatherings and Warrior Buddies offer in a TWC context.   

THANK YOU for engaging in TWC with such enthusiasm. Have FUN with it! And enjoy the journey.