Foundations, Stages 1-2 – New Members

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Foundations, Stages 1-2 – New Members

You’ve already accomplished a great deal by successfully going through the TWC Application Process. Congratulations!

If you have an question, please contact your coaches at

On This Page:

  • Your first step
  • TWC is a process and a community, not a study course
  • Stage 1 and 2 of Foundations
  • What to Do First
  • Other Options
  • Foundations Training
  • Next Step (when Foundations Stage 1 and 2 are completed)
  • Ways to connect throughout your Foundations Training
  • New Member FAQs


Your first step is to begin to get familiar with this incredible Warrior Tribe and all the resources at hand. This will be an introduction to The Warrior Commission and will equip you for all that is ahead. Former new members helped design it and report that this process helps you get to know our community.


We are learning what it is to be a commissioned as Warriors who further God’s Kingdom. Our first and most important commission is the intimate connection we have with God. Without deep relationship with Him, all other commissions we carry will be pale comparisons of what is possible. Foundations focuses on an integrated process of training. Stage 1 and 2 help you get a taste of TWC and introduce you to some basic, yet powerful tools, for your journey.

We value powerful choices of how you pace through the training and what you participate in along the way. You will have many options in TWC in how you train, how much you train and what your focus is. Becoming a TWC Warrior takes some adjustment as TWC is like nothing most people have experienced before…just remember, we delight in the learning and celebrate your journey!

Your process of developing your TWC and personal Foundations starts right now!


Foundations, Stage 1-2 give you a chance to adjust to this new altitude and equip you with the basic tools that you will use throughout your Warrior Commission experience. Most of the additional materials you purchase here are used in other ways and in other trainings in TWC.  You are building your library of resources to have at hand.

Please feel free to ask questions, as there will be many along the way. We love questions!

You should have received a Warrior Guidebook with your Stage 1 training. Refer to it for an overview of all the resources and support we offer you in TWC. It may also answer some of your with basic questions and is a great goto resource. We do update it several times a year. You can find the most updated copy here on the website under the RESOURCES tab or click the link above.


  1. Soak it all in!

These first few months allow you to catch your breath and get a sense of who The Warrior Commission is… and who you might be in it. Check out Overcoming Mindsets in the HOW WE TRAIN tab. It has some of the most common OMGosh moments that new members encounter. Have fun with your exploration.

  1. Go ahead and order the supplemental materials so you have them ready when you are.
  2. Begin MONTH 1 of Foundations, Stage 1. We hope you will get something amazing in the first introduction to our insteads tool and Impact Prayer.


  1. Enjoy looking around our Member Website – Especially check out the archives of our Frontline purblications You can use this Frontline or go to the  RESOURCES tab.
  2. Explore the TWC Forum on the Website. You will find the link to the  Forum on the top left of the main screen. You’re free to jump in the conversation as soon as you join. Exploring is the best way to experience the Forum.  There are videos to help you navigate on the first page the Forum opens up to. This is a closed page where only members have access for dialogue on TWC topics.  Check out basic information on the  TWC Forum by clicking here or look under the ACCESS tab for “Forum.”
  3. Review the Primary Passions and Options in TWC  under the HOW WE TRAIN Tab.


You should have received your Foundations Training, Stage 1 when you joined.  If you need a new copy, contact our Operations Manager at When completed, go to the Next Step below.


Once you have completed your training and call in Foundations Stage 1, months 1 and 2, you will send them into our coaches. Once you receive feedback, you are ready for Stage 2 and can ask for that next training module from

You are welcome to spend time between the Stages, but are welcome to request the next one as soon as you get the feedback from your coaches. Continue to pray your Prayer of Impact. This has been a lot to process, so remember to take a moment to enjoy, look out at the landscape from this mountain you are climbing and breathe!

Before you move on, remember to update your Warrior Journal.

When you are ready for the next training*, contact to request the next stage in your Foundations Journey. We have 6 stages.

We place the responsibility for initiating contact in your hands.  It’s part of our warrior mindset to give you the opportunity to self-pace, honor your level of connection needed and the space you may need to process with the Lord. In other words, we don’t chase you down and make sure you are doing it!  You know if God is saying, “Go!” or asking you to push the pause button for a minute.

Each Warrior is unique and is in a different place for how quickly you make the climb.  We are not concerned with the speed. It’s not usually wise to race up a mountain! 😉 We value quality of your journey and what God is showing you through it.

Ways to connect throughout your Foundations, Stage 1 and 2 Training

Although we ask that you make your Foundations Stages 1 and 2 calls a priority, you are welcome to join any other training or engagement calls.

  • Join a TWC Training Call or Engagement Call
  • Make a TWC related post in our TWC Forum Warrior Chat group. Click on this link for the Forum Guidelines.
  • Attend a TWC Training Day or Regional/local Gathering.


Here are the most common questions new members have. We expect you to have questions and we welcome them!

Who is my primary contact person/people?

Your primary contacts for your Foundations, Stage 1 and 2 training and all general TWC questions are your coaches at We have coaches who love to help our newer members get connected and settled into this amazing tribe of Warriors. They are here to give feedback, encourage and help bring clarity to TWC Community.

Please feel free to ask questions, as there will be many along the way. Put “New Member Question” in the subject line.  If, for some reason, you need additional help, you are welcome to contact

We enjoy running counter to many practices of , including the “shut down” people often experience when they ask questions. We embrace the question askers and are always learning how to ask better ones ourselves. Questions are not viewed as a challenge to authority. They are seen as your exploration and attempt to wrap your head around a completely new Kingdom culture for you to experience in TWC. So, consider this your  permission granted to ask!

There’s a lot here. What do I do first?

Check out the “What to do First” section at the top of this page for more information.

And, remember, for many of us, TWC is a life-long connection of growth, learning, celebration and journey with an amazing Tribe of Kingdom Warriors.

How much time should I be praying? What should my prayer time look like?

Whatever flows with what God is doing on that day. Time is not as important as our approach to prayer. We know God delights to hear us. We love His presence, whether tangibly felt or in the joy of trusting, He is always with us. We value listening to what God is saying and then praying that all throughout the day. Prayer can happen in a few minutes or over several hours. Really, praying without ceasing is an ongoing conversation with God. Encountering Him in prayer is the lifestyle we desire.

How would you describe the culture of The Warrior Commission?

Read The Decisions That Define Us on a regular basis. They describe who we are and are becoming individually and corporately. As we encounter these individually, our corporate strength grows. You may access these through the previous link or under the TWC- Who We Are tab under RESOURCES

Where should I send my personal prayer needs?

To your personal intercessors! We encourage every TWC member to have people who pray for them on a regular basis. You just signed on to “live in the clash between two Kingdoms.” You need your own prayer coverage.

We want to build relationships within TWC; however, we ask that you do not use TWC Forum or our Training/Engagement Calls as your personal prayer team for family, national or social intercession requests. We have a specialized focus and we need to be faithful to that. DO let your Training Coaches know about significant events in your life (moving, passing of a loved one, health, etc.). We want to be a part of your journey and story.

It seems like TWC has a lot of words/phrases I have never heard before.  How can I understand what they mean?

You are right. We have our own language that has developed over the years. Follow this link to the Quick Guide to TWC Terms under the RESOURCES tab. Also, you may ask when on a call. We love to help you know what we are talking about and want to make sure you are up and running as fast as possible. Give yourself a lot of grace.  We don’t expect you to absorb it all at once; much of it comes along they way and deepens with each step of your journey with us.