TWC – Who We Are

You have promises, provision and training available to you as part of this Warrior EPIC Nation,. To know more about TWC – who we are, you can explore the tabs connected to this page. We have consolidated the pages of our Kingdom Culture for easy access. Reading through these pages, you will gain a better understanding of the rich culture we have sown into in our journey with God. He opens up an amazing adventure, captured in these words, concepts and new era exploration.

Explore Our TWC Community and Identity

  • The Warrior Commission is….Impact Prayer – Although we have seasonal TWC Impact Prayers that you can find in our intercession tab, this is a prayer that covers TWC as a whole. Click here if you want to learn more about our Global Impact, TWC Blueprints and Intercession.
  • Kingdom Permissions – Find out about the exciting permissions has God given us?
  • TWC Values – Learn about the values that drive our culture with God
  • TWC Identity Statements – Who we are in TWC draws us together. These are yours personally and yours to share with other Warriors in TWC.
  • Decisions That Define Us – These declarations are powerful prayer statements that draw our identity and values together.
  • A Tribe Who Train Together – Everything in TWC contributes to your development and growth. The training continues to provoke our journey together and helps us all rise into the fullness God has for us.
  • “Warriors Are” Declarations – Enjoy these declarations that capture the heart of a Warrior.
  • TWC Logo – If a picture says 1000 words, then this layered prophetic pictures in this logo represents volumes of prophecies, words, promises and permissions from God.
  • Our Journey – Learn more about the main pillars God placed in our community. You will find them woven into the fabric of our training, our gatherings and our conversations.
  • A Warrior EPIC Nation – Values and Identity need something solid to carry them forward. Learn about the character traits God established through each part of our Warrior EPIC nation.

Quilt of Us Video

Creativity is boundless…What if you are creative, too? Gabriela Pappas joins Christine Casten to share how creativity opened up identity and took her into a whole new area of expression and revelation of the quilt of us. To find more videos, go to Warrior Commission Now! Channel on Youtube.