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Welcome to the Warrior Chat group Call Library.  Calls are cataloged by Month and Date starting with most recent. To play a call, simply hit play. If you would like to view that video in full screen hit the full screen button in the bottom right hand corner of the video. To shrink the video again simply hit esc on your keyboard.

The current month and the previous month are stored by date.

Calls recorded prior to the last two months will be stored by Topic.  Advanced Training calls are stored by Topic and are designated as Advanced Training/Deeper Exploration – these calls build on the foundation established by Foundations Stages Training and/or Level 1, and may be harder to grasp without that foundation of intimacy and identity.

July 2021

June 2021

May 2021

Connection and Information Calls 2021

Topic:     Prophetic Training and Exploration

Some of these videos are full the exploration of prophetic revelation.  From this, upgrades in mindsets and  practice that support transition in our community, in Kingdom life, and in walking out your Warrior Conmission.  Other videos share tools and training in understanding the processes involved with developing your prophetic skills and gifts.

Topic:    Foundational Training Videos

These videos support our Foundations Stages 1-6 training, and present foundational mindsets, tools, and practices within TWC.

Topic:     Key Territories

These videos are training, experience or encounter focusing on  developing in all God has for each Warrior within that specific territory.

Topic:     Intimacy

These videos are training, experience or encounter in developing Intimacy with God – Father, Son, and/or Holy Spirit. These calls include tools and guided meditation to help connect you with God and help bring breakthrough when their are blocks to that connection. The Face to Face call and the Willingness and Readiness to heal calls are best listened to in order at least once.

Topic:     Engagement Calls

Engagement Calls are Warrior Calls designed to bring conversation and connection on various topics with our community.

Topic:     Advance Training/Deeper Exploration

These Training Videos contain training and conversation for Warriors to dig deeper into their walk with God. These are designed for those who have developed through Foundations Training receiving a solid foundation of Identity in Christ as a Son or Daughter of God, a Warrior Bride in God’s Kingdom.

Topic: Prophetic Intercession & Worship

These Warrior Call Videos contain the Prophetic Intecession Calls and any Training videos with a focus on Worship.