Throughout my training, God has worked through me in ways I never expected. I know that my story and journey has been an inspiration, and many people around me have been blessed to see the transformation in me. I have seen God move in the many spheres of influence through me and that He has a plan and a purpose that I am yet fully aware of. I cannot contain the passion I have for Jesus as it fuels my existence.

I’m always excited to share about all the ways                                                        

Jesus has completely ruined my fear.

My intimacy with God only grows and spills over into all the relationships around me. I am constantly in awe of His goodness and His penetrating gaze of love that changes everything. He is in me and I am in Him, and we get to explore one another through every circumstance, obstacle and trial. That is something worth passionately celebrating!

There have been times of sweet encounters that continue to shape who I am becoming and there have been great moments of shedding the old man. I have grown in my ability to partake in the great grace that is available. The process of becoming is indeed making me rich and developing my skill of multiplying Jesus. By seeing my own progress and the radical growth taking place, I become of more aware of what is possible in others. I continually search for ways to spark the Jesus within another and seek to impart wonder into bleak circumstances. I have discovered a wonderland of possibilities that I am always eager to share. There is something so intriguing at discovering the Jesus inside someone else.

I love when I can feel Holy Spirit’s excitement about someone who has yet discovered His greatness in their life. To be able to see their part in the body of Christ, the part that I need to become more of who I am in Christ. He is the provision, the hidden in the gem inside a person just waiting to be explored. The Christ inside another is the thing we need to be fishing for.

I have formed a bond and unshakeable foundation in my relationships with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We enthusiastically share the child-like passion for creation. People around me have witnessed me go through gut wrenching circumstances with dignity and grace; situations that have made others fall away from the Lord.

A close friend of mine was brought to tears one night watching me reign with peace in a situation that was intimidatingly challenging. At the Lord’s leading, I shared a video of my testimony with a women’s fellowship group I am a part of. The feedback was brilliant as Holy Spirit highlights with such care and personal insight what is needed for everyone. It’s in these real life, real relationship contexts that I get to shine brightest as Jesus and call out the gold in others.

In all the ways I get to share Jesus, the most fascinating part is how it happens effortlessly. It comes from a place of simply being with the one I love and sharing our love story. I am discovering the best way to bless Jesus is to let Him love me. Who doesn’t want to be loved? How often do we close ourselves off for fear of being hurt? The door is open. It has always been open.

As Christians we get to receive that love every day and be radically changed by it. Jesus is the way to an abundant life full of passion. As we embrace His ways and heavenly nature, He crashes in and reveals the beauty within. The beauty we have always had inside that has been waiting to be revealed. All creation groans for us to wake up and realize who we are, and we are as He is in this world – a multiplying, sustaining provision of love and favor.

Natalie Timmerman
Warrior Commission Member

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